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Office Desk / Sitting facing SouthWest

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My office desk is South west facing. So if I sit on the desk facing my laptop I am also facing south west. 

My desk is kind of LI (U ) shaped with two long lines one in front of me and another at the back. So I sit in between the parallel lines and the small line or bottom of the U is on my right side attached to a wall. However the constraints are that I cannot sit on the small line on the right ( at least not always ) and not at the other long line as it would mean turning my back towards the door of my cabin. So my option is only to sit facing southwest but yes I can put pictures , any statues , or plants around to personalize the space. I have a wall on my right ( north ) and at my back.

I am so lost and worried about sitting south west facing. Any remedy ? Kindly help.

posted Apr 24 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Sitting south west is ok. Only the thing you should face Either North Or East direction it will give good results.
Facing south you will feel restless.
If it is not possible you can have some energy material on the table it helps you to bring more concentration as well as focused mind.
Further details pl contact:
S. Rajahgopaal
Vastu guru -vastu compass community
Ph: 011 -39585123
Mail -
answer Apr 25 by S.rajahgopaal
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