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North east facing house map | diagonal plot | plan design

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My plot is North east facing and three sides covered (see attached image). plot size 26.5 * 34 please give me the map idea for du​plex. Ground floor 1bhk with pooja room and first floor 2 bedroom attached bath with porch.

Plan file tried to design as per vastu. can anyone tell me is their any vastu defect?




posted Apr 19, 2018 by Hiren Modi

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This plot is not a normal plot.  In general the NORTH & SOUTH direction and EAST & WEST direction passing in the middle. Where as the djagonal plot NORTH. & SOUTH direction will be corner to corner.
Hence very much care is should be taken while design the house and main door entry..

S. Rajahgopaal
Vastu guru - vastu compass community
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hello sir, can u give me idea how much space allocated to all the direction like this link :

1 Answer

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Dear Hiran:
Further to your query, NORTH EAST facing is good. But apart from that some defects noticed. All corners are not in 90 degaree.
Reg plan you come out rough sketch. We have to study or inspect at sight then only we can come to conclusion.
Further details you can contact our office no or mail id. We here to help you.
Vaasthu expert - vastu community
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answer Apr 19, 2018 by S.rajahgopaal
Hello Sir, I've attached rough sketch please check and let me know if any issues their .
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I am planning to buy a plot of land and build a house. The current owner of the land already has a house plan approved by the council. If I build that exact house it can save me a lot of trouble. This place is a good neighborhood and hard to find a plot of land in this area. Financial and community vice this is a very good opportunity.  

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The water well already exist on the land. Therefore the water well and the entrance road are fixed factors.

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2. The gate is in the Southwest. I've heard that it is not good. How bad it is?

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Thank You! 

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Dear Sir

I have purchased two plots  no- 36, 37 in a town ship, both are north facing. Rectangle in shape - 40'x90' / 40' x90', But after buying the plot I have realisied  that there is a street thrust on the both plots , The road is from north direction, but it hit beetween equally on both plots ( like T). Please advise about the Vastu remedy.


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