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2Bhk flat: Is it ok to buy a flat having main entry door facing West and balcony facing North direction ?

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I am very confused about booking a flat which I liked but not sure about its directions. Please help me in taking decision.
It's a 2 BHK flat in 10 floor building.Its on 4th floor.
Its main entry door is facing West, it's balcony is facing North.
So, please suggest should I buy this flat or not . As per vastu, do we focus on direction only ?
Or it's all about we should get better sunlight in home? In this case if we just go by direction, somewhere I read, it's not good to live in West facing flat. But if we go by sunlight, there can be good sunlight as it's balcony is in North.
Please suggest and explain what is best. If this is not good to buy, I will look for other options as per my learning here on Vastu. Thank you so much in advance. Please answer.
posted Apr 17 by Kgp

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3 Answers

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Unless i see the plan i can't say anything.
There are somany things to. Be taken care on vaasthu aspects.
Based on vaasthu study only we can decide.
Further details pl contact.
S. Rajahgopaal
Vaasthu Expert from vastu compass community
011- 39585123
Mail -
answer Apr 17 by S.rajahgopaal
Further to your query, this is an qverage flat and the enetgy level is around 50 % only. Vaasthu is not about just direction. We have to study in details and the enetgy level can be increased if you are really interested.
Furyher details pl contact
S. Rajahgopasl, vaasthu & cosmic divine energy consultant
Ph. No. 011- 39585123
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Thanks for posting your query.  Please call on 011-39585123/ 9535055465 to meet our Experienced Vastu Expert and get solution to all your problems within 24 hours.

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answer Apr 17 by Garima Rima
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all directions r good  but  it varies from indivusal to indivusal weather it is  positive or  negative,  it is considered by scanning the energy & placements investing several lakhs .

so please take a consultation youn can send the floor plan.

arvind murthy

healer, vastu consultant.

answer Jul 15 by Arvind Murthy
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