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we are living in a rent house and master bed room is in south west direction

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we are living in a rent house and master bed room is in south west direction and we kept the bed to south wall and wodden almara are instaled in west wall one heavy iron almara is kept in south east wall beside bed and from past few days there is money problem and helth problems are there also there is mirror opposite to bed and washroom is exact opposite to bed please guide me where i need to make changes
posted Jan 14 by anonymous

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3 Answers

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Some vaasthu defects noticed in your house.
You need for energy correction.

The bed room abd yiur bed arrangement at SOUTH WEST it is correct.mirror opp to bed will create heLth problem.
Try to cocer the mirror with some cloth during sleep hours.
Reg money after ebergy correction you feel good.
Further details you may contact;
Vaasthu & cosmic energy consultabt.
98402 49266 / 97899 45280
answer Jan 14 by S.rajahgopaal
Thanks a lot for your replay what i need to chage here to solve the problem also so pleass let me know your whatsapp number so we can talk
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Thanks for your replay sir so what we need to change sir do you have any whatsapp number to talk with you?
answer Jan 15 by Venkat
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Whatsapp no. 98402 49266
answer Jan 15 by S.rajahgopaal
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