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Hello sir ,please help me my son his engineering in civil from 2015 but still now his career is not in right path .
Name : Mitulkumar
DOB 30/05/90
posted Dec 30, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Sure we will help you. as per vastu science please check whether he is studying in the proper zone or area.  Northeast or East direction is good for study and concentration. While studying he should face east.

Also, use yellow color or white color walls in the study room. This helps to increase the concentration also.
answer Jun 30 by Rupesh Kumar
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Hello, I need to buy a writing desk for my child, I have read that one must not face a wall while studying, but all the desks are placed against a wall and as a result the child will automatically face a wall.,,,,please throw some light on the query,,,,,another thing is the direction of placing the study table and which side should he face,
please help

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