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Entrance between South and southeast side

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My house is facing between South and southeast East direction. What remedies are adviced for this main door direction.
posted Dec 7, 2017 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Reg Door entrance between South and south east. It should be in positive zone. I.e.middle of south to south east. But it should be in positive position only. Suppose the main door is not as per vaasthu we can correct it without any change.

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answer Dec 7, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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Vastu Energy Principles according to the Atharva Veda begins with the selection of the land site for the settlement of a township.

Thereafter, the colonies are planned with one main door opening in each of the four directions so that whoever is the head of the family, according to his birth date a suitable direction can be opened.

As the whole town is planned according to the Vastu Energy Science, each house can receive Energy Particles flowing through the city from the most favored direction.

In this situation there is sense in planning the interior of the house according to the Vastu Principles and receive the benefits of suitable energies.

When the whole town is unplanned and Vastu Energy Particles flowing through the city are negative i.e. weak and disturbed, the energy particles flowing through the city from whichever direction are going to be unsuitable.

The directional approach to Vastu Energy Correction is therefore totally misconceived and unnecessary especially because in today's multi-story buildings the direction of the main door cannot be located according to the date of birth of the respective head of the family.

Exception is possible only in respect of sleeping which should never be with the head towards the North direction because the North Pole of the Earth is the Positive Pole i.e. radiating Energy and the head of the human body also is the Positive Pole i.e. radiating Energy, so clearly there would be Energy Disturbance in such situations just like Positive Pole of a magnet repels the Positive Pole of another magnet.

Similarly, it's advisable to keep the temple in the house in the East direction.

All other directions don't seem to be very relevant in the current situation of our cities.

In the present period of time, the only way the Vastu Energy of any premises can be corrected is by placement of adequate number of powerful and fully pre-energized Pyramidal Instruments at strategic locations, be it a residential apartment or bungalow, or an industrial or commercial, or educational or hotel or hospital building.

Caution must be drawn to the fact that if the Pyramidal Instruments are not fully pre-energized, then instead of correcting the Vastu they can deteriorate the Vastu Energy even more because Pyramidal Instruments also act like energy magnifying device so they can magnify the Negative Energy Field.

However, if the Pyramidal Instruments are fully pre-energized then the Vastu Correction is very fast and without any risk.

Having placed such powerful and fully pre-energized Pyramidal Instruments, you can keep the stove in any direction because each cubic millimeter of the premises is cleansed and harmonized Positively by such Pyramidal Instruments.

A localized and trapped Energy Force Field is credited by such Pyramidal Instruments inside the premises which is independent of the outside Energy Status of the city so the direction makes no sense.

answer Dec 8, 2017 by Kirti Betai
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