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My Kitchen is in North West of the house Can I cook facing North Direction???

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Hi My Kitchen is in North West of the house and entrance of the kitchen is east, as this is a parallel kitchen I can only cook facing North and stove is facing south and we have utility continuation to the kitchen which is extended west side of the kitchen,Can I cook facing North Direction???

House is east facing 

posted Dec 4, 2017 by anonymous

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4 Answers

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Kitchen on the north west is second option. You can cook towards north face. At present
The energy level is low in the kitchen.

S. Rajahgopaal
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answer Dec 4, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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Kitchen in North West is fine. 

The cooking person in the Kitchen should be facing either the East or the North Direction.

If the cooking slab is in the East to West Direction, the Sink should be on the East end of the slab and the cooking oven should be in the middle of the west end of the slab.

North West Vastu, Kitchen Vastu, Cooking face

To know more on Kitchen Vastu, Click here

 Ideal color of kitchen shelf is white and the second option is cream and light yellow. These colors help the people in the digestive system. They improve in mental work. The red, black and blue color is always avoidable.

It is very important to have the kitchen as per Vastu because kitchen is the place where food is prepared i.e. the source of our day to day energy. If you have a Vastu Non-Compliant kitchen, it will lead to Health loss, financial loss and family disputes too. Here are some very important Vastu tips for kitchen:

Kitchen Vastu, Vastu tips for kitchen, Vastu Tips

  1. The Lord of Fire (Agneya Disha or direction of Fire) exists in the Southeast corner thus place the gas stove in Southeast corner.
  2. The person who prepares the meal should face east while cooking. Doing so increases the taste of the food and provides better health to the family.
  3. Kitchen in the Northeast corner is a BIG NO! If you place kitchen in the Northeast direction, it will bring lots of disturbance and also destroy the peace of mind.

Read 11 Effective Vastu Tips for Kitchen- DO's and DONT's 



answer Aug 28, 2018 by Team Vastu
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If your Kitchen is in North-West direction it would be Ok.

As you questioned about is it ok to face North while cocking, I would suggest the best direction should be East.

Place a Mirror on the North wall then you will feel good results.

If you want more help then visit evavaastu (.com). or contact us at

Robin Goswami

answer Apr 1, 2020 by Robin Goswami
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Kitchen in North-west i also good. But facing cooking while facing North should be avoided at all times.

South-East kitchen facing east

North-West kitchen facing west 

North facing cooking should be avoided.

Why North facing cooking should be avoided ?

Vaastu is all about magnetic energy flow. Magnetic rays flow from N->S So when you face North and cooking basically you are disturbing the magnetic energy and person who is cooking will face health issue. The health issue on head, neck and hand are commonly know things.

So one should avoid cooking facing North at all times.

Gopalan Venkatramani


answer Aug 2, 2020 by Ilugopal
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Iam waiting your reply

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