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North East Vastu Defects and Problems in your House??

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North East Vastu Defects and Problems in your House??

North East direction in the house is a very auspicious, and is a source of constructive energy. This positive energy not only creates healthy vibrations but also ensures the prosperity of the people living that house.

North east direction in Vaastu is highly surcharged with divine energies, and supposed to the place of Lord Shiva. Thus heavy construction or having defected construction in the North east direction is prohibited or otherwise it creates the Vaastu Dosh.

Vaastu dosh (defect) in this direction may leads to overall failure or negative impact on individuals entire growth living in that house.

We discuss some of common Vaastu dosh (defects) in Northeast with their remedies. Using these remedies one can remove or reduce the ill effects of that particular defect in that directions and enjoy the happy life.

Causes of Vaastu Dosh (Defect):
North East cut, Toilet in Northeast
Any tree, pole, high building shadow on this direction will create vaastu dosh (Defect).
Too many Heavy objects or Clutter in the North east
Northeast Cut / Toilet or Bath Room in Northeast
Kitchen in North east
Cut in the East and North east
Kitchen / Store room in the North east.

Problem :
Head related diseases like Migraine, Confusion every where
Confused Mind, Mental Disorders, Brain Hemorrhage
Marriage and childlessness problems / Divorce cases
No Sex Life, Poverty, Loans
Problems related to Blood, Kidney, Eye disorders
Cut in Northeast gives tremendous financial problems to the occupant
Poor Cash Flow / Loss in Business.




posted Nov 15, 2017 by Vishnuprasad Mallya

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It is believed that houses should be made as per Vastu Shastra. But nowadays, most of the houses are not Vastu compliant. With the fast pace of life, it is practically impossible to build a house 100 percent Vastu compliant. Since we cannot change the exteriors of the house, thus it is very important to make some changes in the interiors. A Vastu Dosha can be corrected by placing some charged objects or regulators.
As per Vastu Expert Ashish Jain, there are some useful and beneficial remedy if you have Vastu dosha in the North East and South East directions:

Vastu Tips, Vastu Remedies, Vastu Solutions, North East

Problem- If you have Bedroom in North East

North East Bedroom, Vastu remedies, Vastu Solution
Vastu Solution

1. If you have the bedroom in the North East direction, it is better to make this room as children room or study room and try to shift your bedroom in the South West direction.

2. Keep your head in the South direction when you sleep.

Problem - If you have Staircase in North East
Vastu Solution- if you have a staircase in the Northeast, then the best remedy is to remove it from this direction. But if there is no other option, then place two copper tortoises facing each other below the bottom-most step of the staircase.

Problem- If you have Toilet in the Northeast
Vastu Solution-

North East Toilet, Vastu remedies, Vastu Solution

Place bronze bowls at the ceiling of the toilet in upside-down position one each in North, East and North East part.

Keep a bowl full of sea salt and place it in any corner of the toilet. Change this salt once a week.

Keep the toilet closed after every use.

Problem- Cupboard in the North East

Vastu Solution-

1. If you have a cupboard in Northeast direction shift it to the Southwest or South direction. Keep this area free of clutter or have a puja room here.

Energy Balancing and remedies must be done under the supervision of Vastu experts for Love, Peace and Intimacy! 

We don't provide professional Vastu advice. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. See additional information.