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I would like to share my vies, that one of the client has given his feedback from USA, stating that he got vaasthu soulution by me.

Previously the place was very negative. He contacted me over phone and I asked him to send a plan of the place. After my study I found that vaasthu defect  i.e The ground energy is HIGHLY negative and due to that he was facing a lot of problems.He asked me to help in this matter to come out..

I suggested some energy materials to install in that place. After a month I got feedback from him that his problem is completely solved and now he is comfortable and happy.

I am also happy that the client from  vastu community got solution for his problem.


The feedback from the client is given below for reference.

+1voteI am managing a restaurant last 1.5 Year’s and always there is a problem , staff doesn’t stay for long time and unexpected expenses etc.

So I contacted Vastu dekho site and I explained my questions and Vastu raja replied me and mentioned me about my ground energy level is only 20% so am facing problems, he asked me if need to get more info contact him and I did.

I send my restaurant plan and he studied and send me remedy and solutions and I followed that, I feel comfortable and my stress level came down too.

I strongly support them

Thank you for your advice.

 posted Oct 11 by Vince George

posted Oct 30, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal

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