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Now a days, every one shows interest in Vaasthu house.

whether it is an apartment or independent house. Knowingly or unknowingly Vaasthu plays a major role in their life. In my experience I found that no house is 100 % vaasthu even though they follow the vaasthu principles. Why ?

in spite of the main door entry direction, auspicious direction house selection according to direction, room arrangments etc. Beyond that something is there.

No house is 100 % vaasthu. why?    

in the preliminary stage  or home plan we can find out the certain level of energy in the drawing itself.

 Apart from that other forces to be taken care;.

The forces are as follows:

Ground force

Building force

Material  force

Arrangement force

Environmental force

Physical force

planetary force

If the above forces are well placed or taken care,  then the house will be 100 % vaasthu.

Question may arise, how we will get 100 % vaasthu.  and how we know that the house is above or below the required energy level.  

It needs a  lot of study and very experienced vaasthu expert can only find out the energy level.

Every one will have in their mind, the home can be built 100 % vaasthu ? the answer is yes.

people may ask after  occupied the house, how can we bring into 100 % vaasthu. we have to analyse the each and every palce and every  corner of house from the ground to terrace level and assessment to be made.

Based on the assessment wherever the energy level is poor or low, those places can be rectified without any modification of single brick of the house.

In general the home below 50 % energy level isconsidered as low vaasthu

50 % - 60 % - medium vaasthu

60 % - to 70 % -good vaasthu

Above 80 % - 100 % very good vaasthu.

Every one can check their house what is the energy level if it is good vaasthu or not it is like our human body check up.

Conclusion: No one need not worry about any vaswthu defects. Any type of vaasthu defects can be rectified without any modification or demolition.

The energy rectification is based on purely ENERGY VAASTHU SCIENCE method.

:Vaasthu is an attempt to peace and harmony, Healthy & wealthy Life"


`Vaasthu Rajah'

posted Oct 24, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal

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