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I am suffering from bad mental illness of my wife. So need to improve my home vastu

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I am facing  bad/loose confidence  of my wife mental health  from last 2year.  Unknown  fear of smell ₹ noise. Need to improve  vast of my house.  Internally  if possible.  Otherwise  will  sell it.
Pl,  tell  how to add photo
posted Oct 2, 2017 by Darshan Shah

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1 Answer

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Deaar Dasrshan:

Your house is totally negative.The vaasthu energy level is very poort.  Because of this you may have the following problems. It is noticed your house is affected by the Geopathic stress'. It is very serious. you need immediate attention to rectify the same.

Don't worry it will be rectified by installing the powerful and suitable energy materials, your problem will be solved. 

--  Health wise you and your family is not

wealth wise also you & your family memebrs are not ok

- you will not get proper sleep

- Relationship between you and your wife is not good

Other problems also I identified.

Immediately you correct your house, otherwise it will give you a problem day by day.

If you take any step it will not work out. Even if you want to sell it, it will not take place.

Further details pl contact:


vaasthu & cosmic energy consultant

98402 49266


answer Oct 2, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
Thanks  but I send  house  graphics through  mail  so Please look into  and help me.
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