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VAASTHU DEFECTS - means it is not but energy deficiency.

BUILDING BIOLOGY – means to improve the living and work places and health of people  who occupy in that place.

The building should be well designed to get all facilities to enjoy and live a peaceful and happy life of the people.

Please find below some of the case studies which I have rectified.


Place : Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, 2012

Construction of house was not able to carry out in the land for so many years. They have made many attempts, but somehow it is dropped.


  • East facing plot
  • Rectangle plot
  • Road is on the North side

As per vaasthu everything is good. Then why the problem:


As per vaasthu everything is good. But they are not able to construct the house.  Also they wanted to provide bore well and that attempt also failed.

Based on request I visited the place and found the following defects.

  • Geopathic stress point was identified in the plot.  This is the reason they were not able to construct the house.
  • The ground water source also identified by me on the north east corner of the plot.

Remedy: I suggested them to place one powerful energy material. Based on my advice they have placed. After that they have started  construction within a week after placing the energy materials.  Now the house construction is completed.

The ground water source is good and they have abounded supply of water




  1.  Place, Delhi, 2015

One of my friend in Chennai, called me over phone and said about his friend who was suffering from so many problems at their Farm house Bungalow, delhi. He asked me to help in this regard.

Based on request I visited their place. The farm house was in a very huge area and they have constructed a bungalow.


  • Bore well is on the south east and south west side
  • The North west compound wall blocked by Rock with fountain
  • Very big opening on the South west corner
  • Bed rooms in the North west, South West and South
  • -Toilet at the middle of south
  • Internal staircase for first floor on the South side.


  • Frequent health issue in their family
  • Business is not running well properly
  • Misunderstanding between the  family members
  • The main door entry has negative force
  • Kitchen on the North East corner


  1. I suggested them to close the bore well on the south east  south west side
  2. The North west is blocked by rock fountain with water
  3. I advised  them to close the big opening on the south west with brick wall
  4. The main door entry to remove negative force, I have installed energy material
  5. For Kitchen on the North east corner, I have installed the energy material.
  6. Main entry door found some negative force
  • Bore well closed on the south east and south west area
  • New bore will provided on the East side
  • North East kitchen  solution – energy materials installed
  • Main entry door negativity solution –installed energy materials to remove the defect.

After 4 months, friend called me and told now they are running happy life and their health is good and business wise they have improved.




Place : Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, 2016

 One of my friend,  an Architect called me one fine morning, and informed his relative have some problem in their house. He requested me to help in this regard.

Based on their request I visited the place. He is a well known business man.


  • South facing house
  • North West and North East side closed
  • North East side closed with toilet
  • Kitchen is on the North East side
  • Terrace – parapet wall height is more on North and east side than south and west sides
  •  Bed room energy level is very low because of ground energy negativity


  • Frequent health problem in their family
  • Son is not getting married
  • Health related problems like heart related, rheumatic problem, not getting good sleep
  • Unknown Fear ,   unhappiness


  • I suggested them to provide opening on the North west and North East
  • Removal of toilet on the North East
  • Terrace – parapet wall height increased on the south and west side
  • Kitchen on the North East – Installed energy materials
  • Bed room – energy materials installed


Result : Finally after 6 months, the client called and told that they have improved a lot in personal and as well as business wise.

  • Their son got married.
  • They purchased  one portion of their existing shop for business expansion.




Place : Chennai, 2017

A small family with their own  house. They called me over phone and asked me to visit their house. I asked the problem.  They said no happiness, no income, everyone is getting some sort of health related problem, no harmony in their family, neighbors  always quarreling.

I have visited their place and found some defects:


  • House is located at T-Junction point
  • Main door facing towards South East
  • Big opening on the East of South East
  • North west corner is closed with shed to keep unwanted materials storage
  • Bed room energy level is low
  • Geopathic stress line found in their bed room below the bed- this will create the major health problem
  • South west corner is vacant
  • Main door entry is negative
  • Staircase on the North West with anti-clock wise direction


  • No happiness
  • Everyone in the family getting health related issue
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Confused mind and poor decision making for some important issue
  • Children not taking their food and they are not showing  interest in studies
  • Always misunderstanding in their family


  1. I suggested them to remove the North west portion of material storage shed
  2. New shed constructed on the south west for material storage
  3. East of south East opening closed
  4. Main door entry rectified with energy materials
  5. North west anti-clock wise stair case steps corrected with energy material
  6. South west bed room – Geopathic stress line identified and rectified
  7. For T-junction effect, I have installed suitable energy materials to remove the defect

Result:  After 90 days, they informed they feel comfortable.  They don’t find any health issue after rectification. 



Place : MUBMAI, Santacruz, 2017

One of client called me from Mumbai, they have some problems after purchasing a flat 2 years ago.

I asked them to send the house plan. They sent me and study made by me.


  • Flat main entrance is facing on the South West and it is negative.
  • Kitchen on the North East corner
  • South East – Bed room
  • Children room – South West
  • Couples room – North west
  • Balcony on the south side
  • Center of house – pooja mandir
  • Mirror fixed at the main door entrance
  • Staircase is opposite  to main entrance
  • Plot zone corners are negative


  • Feeling  uncomfortable to live in their house
  • Children and female members in family facing frequent health related problems
  • Children have become adamant and not interest in studies
  • They don’t  get  proper sleep
  • The  head of the family is not interested to return home.
  • Over expenditures
  • Very often they used to go out and stay somewhere..
  • Whatever they initiate to do something and nothing will take place
  • More stressful, Totally fed up


  • Main door entry corrected with energy materials
  • Mirror removed at the main door entrance
  • Children room shifted to North west corner
  • Couples room shifted to South west corner
  • North East – kitchen rectified with energy materials
  • Small pooja mandir placed at the North East corner
  • The plot zone corners (NE, SE,SW,NW) corrected with energy materials

After 6 months, they called me to thank that they feel very happy, and their children are good in studies, they don’t face any health issues.

They are able to save money from their income, now they feel more stress relief and enjoying their happy life.



















posted Sep 26, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal

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Many people ask me frequently that when they should see vaasthu for their house.  How they can realize that the house is having vaastu defects.

When you experience the following then there is vaasthu defect in that place.

  • Are you facing problems continuously ?
  • When you don’t like to spend time in your house ?
  • Unnecessarily getting irritated ?
  • Misunderstanding between family members ?
  • Continuous health problems ?
  • Experiencing loses in the business and no improvement ?
  • Obstacle in getting marriage ?
  • Facing money problems ?
  • Not able to sleep ?
  • Education problems like children not concentrating in studies ?
  • Getting enormous medical expenses due to operation to the family members ?
  • Getting worried and scared unnecessarily ?
  • Feeling loneliness in life ?
  • Always feeling irritated on the house ?
  • Having a confused state of mind ?
  • Facing frequent Accident ?
  • Unemployment problems ?
  • Getting suicide intentions ?
  • Hearing voices like someone is talking with you ?
  • Unnecessary expenses ?
  • Not getting back the money lended outside ?
  • Not able to sell the products in the business ?
  • Not able to rotate the money in the business ?
  • Facing labour problems ?
  • Workers facing health problems ?
  • Closing of business due to loss ?
  • In the house when there is no harmonious relationship between husband and wife ?
  • women member of the family facing uterus problems ?
  • fertility problems ?

If you experienced the above problems in your work place  or  home, it is time for you to have a vaasthu advice.



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1. What is GS ?

Geopathic Stress (GS) is a distortion of geo-electromagnetic energies caused by other electromagnetic fields, underground running water, mineral concentrations, fault lines, underground cavities and cosmic radiation. These energies rise up through houses and buildings and affect the occupants in different ways, effecting the inhabitants’ natural biorhythms, immune system and contributing in a large extent to the widespread phenomena of Sick Building Syndrome. They are of frequencies that are draining to human beings and, indeed, most animals. People can lose physical strength, energy, emotional stability and happiness. In fact GS is one of the primary causes of serious and long-term illness and psychological conditions. It is estimated that over 70% of people live in a location that has a substantial amount of GS.

GS is increasingly known to have a detrimental affect on the immune system and the human psyche. The literal meaning is ‘disease from the Earth’ from the Greek word ‘geo’meaning ‘earth’ and ‘pathos’ meaning ‘make-sick’.


2. What are the signs of GS?

The most common sign is disrupted sleeping patterns and sleeping problems. The immune system is affected most and then illness or diseases can easily occur. Other signs include feeling agitated or ‘on edge’; always feeling tired and waking tired regardless of how much you sleep; not responding to medical treatment; hyperactivity and aggression; headaches and depression; Insomnia and susceptibility to ME, asthma and allergies.

3. What are the most common symptoms for children?

As well as disrupted sleep and not being able to find restful sleep, the GS energy can put them out of balance so they might either display symptoms of being very tired or the opposite and behave hyperactively or aggressively. Also very common is a depleted immune system, which can result in a whole host of allergies, asthma and a tendency to always get ill and catch everything that is going around, like colds, influenza and in the long term more serious illnesses.


4. How is sleep affected by Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress?

Disrupted sleep is the most common and easily recognisable symptom of GS. As a result, the body is not able to heal itself properly as it is being stressed by concentrated earth energies. Electro Stress also effects sleep adversely, whereby one cannot recharge properly and the body cannot heal itself or recharge itself, because it is too busy fending off the non-human-friendly frequencies from the Electro Stress source.


5. How is the immune system affected?

The performance of the immune system can be greatly reduced because, if it is in a Geopathically Stressed or Electro Stressed environment, it is using a lot of energy to combat those pathogens alone. As a result the immune system is much less able to defend the body against all other threats.

6. How can a business be affected by GS?

Sick Building Syndrome is often mentioned in articles concerning environmental matters in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, shops, factories and other business premises. There are many factors and Geopathic Stress and Electro Stress are frequently among the major contributing factors.

Signs can be: frequent absenteeism due to sickness; unexplained tension between staff; illogical dislike of the building even though the staff love the work; loss of concentration and working less effectively; headaches, depression, and fatigue.

It doesn’t matter if it is a director, executives or other staff; nobody can achieve their optimum if their working conditions aren’t comfortable. The majority of people’s energy will be used just to survive.


7. What are ‘Electro Stress’, ‘ES’, ‘Electromagnetic Pollution’, ‘EP’ and ‘Electrosmog’ ?

They are different terms for the same thing. They are electro-magnetic fields (EMF) that can be detrimental to human well-being. Sources include transformers, heating elements, mains transformers, substations, pylons, railway tracks, microwave emitting mobile phone masts, wires carrying alternating current, heated blankets, motorised beds and computers etc.. If a person is exposed to some sources in a close enough proximity for prolonged periods then health can be adversely affected.


8. How can GS and ES be detected?

One can often deduce the influence of GS and ES by the health problems and symptoms that people and animals experience.

Some characteristics of electromagnetic fields, but by no means all, can be measured by electronic meters. For example, at different locations in the field one can take readings of potential difference in Volt/Metre or the magnetic field strength in Gauss. Readings with such meters merely scratch the surface, so-to-speak, in understanding what these fields can do to human cells and the energetic systems present in every human being, without which we could not function.

9. Is it true that steel can attract harmful energies?

Through the many cases that we have seen over the years it has been shown that steel can act as a concentrator for harmful earth energies coming up from the underground or even increase the effect of Electro Stress on individuals. For example, if a person sleeps over the garage with a car in it, or over a steel cooker or a steel bed, then these steel objects have often been shown to concentrate the natural energy field coming up from the underground and disrupt sleeping patterns. It must be said that the effect on the individuals over steel objects is much less if there is no GS coming out of the ground in the first place.

 11. What is the most important part of my home with regard GS and ES?

The bedroom is the most important part of the house because, it is where you spend, for example, eight hours a day in one place as you sleep. If there is GS and/or ES in this area it is very important to resolve it. Of course, it is also very much advantageous to cover the rest of the home, so that the inhabitants are always in areas of the house with the new beneficial energies present. The alternative, with just part of the property covered, is that the inhabitants go in and out of the untreated parts of the house which are not benefiting from the beneficial energy field from the Geomack unit/s.

12. How likely is it that my office or home has GS and ES?

Through many years of experience Geomack believe strongly that over 70 per cent of properties have distorted energies from the underground that will cause GS and will affect the health of the inhabitants. German research has revealed that out of thousands of cancer patients the vast majority slept in places where GS was present. This illustrates how the immune system can be weakened when an individual sleeps in areas where high concentrations of distorted earth energies are present.


every home or office inherently has a degree of Electro Stress due to the presence of the mains wiring system and the appliances that run off it. Most of these are generating a weak electromagnetic field (EMF) with regard the effect on humans, except heating elements, DECT cordless phones and products containing a mains transformer (particularly transformers with a high current draw), which are all creating a much stronger electromagnetic field. Bigger factors contributing to ES are from sources which are external to the property, like high voltage overhead electric cables (pylons being the biggest), substations and mobile phone network masts. Whether it is a field from inside the property or from outside the property, being close to strong EMFs over a prolonged period can cause problems. Changing the proximity to these sources makes a massive difference. It is often the case that doubling your distance from the thing creating the EMF can bring the field strength experienced in that spot down to a quarter of the strength.

13. Why shouldn’t I buy a unit that covers just part of my property?

Covering just your bed, for example, is a big improvement to your body, but covering the whole property is of even greater benefit because you are feeling the benefits of the beneficial energy field from the unit for the whole time that you are in that property. Conversly, if a unit only covers part of a property you are going in and out of GS and the effects of ES as you go around the property, which is definitely not as beneficial for the human body, as it would be with the whole property covered.

14. Do GS levels change with time?

Yes, in some cases concentrations can move or change intensity. Concentrations of earth energies increase in winter, with heavy rainfall and towards full moon, due to the fact that GS is often caused by the charge generated by underground water streams interacting with the electromagnetic field coming up from the earth. This is another reason it is important to choose the unit/s that can sufficiently cover your premises.

What exactly is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic Stress, or harmful earth rays, can result from natural radiation which rises up through the earth and is distorted by weak electro-magnetic fields created by subterranean (underground) running water, certain mineral concentrations, fault lines and underground cavities.  The natural radiation, disturbed in this way becomes harmful to living organisms (including animals and plants!)  Geopathic Stress can also result from electro-magnetic fields caused by electrical wiring, lighting, appliances (including computers, TVs, microwaves, clocks, radios), telephones (especially cellular phones), and from outside sources such as electric generators, transformers and electricity pylons.

How does it affect me?

Geopathic Stress does not CAUSE any illness, but lowers your immune system and your ability to fight off viruses and bacteria.  While we sleep, the body should be at rest so that it can do it's repair work on body cells, fight infection and absorb nutrients from the food eaten that day.  However, if we sleep in a Geopathic Stress Zone, the body has to focus all it's energy just to keep vital organs working and, consequently, the immune system is lowered, we cannot fully absorb nutrients or effectively fight off infections.

The most common indications of Geopathic Stress are resistance to treatment (conventional or alternative), feeling run-down and exhausted, depression, nervousness, allergies, insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, sleep walking, headaches on waking, tingling in arms and legs, grinding teeth.  Research has shown that 90% of babies, who died of cot death, had been sleeping in Geopathic Stress Zones.  Geopathic Stress can result in miscarriages, infertility and behavioral problems in children, such as hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder (ADD).  Negative energy is also linked to cancers such as childhood leukemia and breast cancer.

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Our Indian traditional vasthu as well as Feng shui vasthu, the zonal vaasthu is playinga major role. What is zonal vaasthu: This consists of Four major directions (cordinal directions) and four sub-cordinal directions. The cordinal directions are NIRT, SOUTH, EAST & WEST. The sub-cordinal directions are NORTH - EAST, SOUTH-EAST, NORTH-WEST & SOUTH-WEST. Each corners & zones has its own and different advantages . It is something interesting. Let us the the benefits of Each zones. NORTH- Brings career & Luck NORTH-EAST- Bri gs education & Luck NORTH-WEST- Brings helpful people & Luck EAST- Brings Family & health WEST-Brings creativity SOUTH-EAST- brings wealth rekated.SOUTH- brings Name & Fane SOUTH-WEST- brings relationship. From the above we can clearly understand the merits of all zones. Finally, it is noted that combined study of all the above only we can get the entire place of vaasthu and energy level. In general most of the places some zones are negative and some zones are positive or totally negative. So, if any problem in the place continuously happens we have to study each and every zone and to find out the problem and solution.
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History of Vaasthu shastra & Feng shui.: Vasthu shastea has been in existence for over 5000 yrs. Traditional indian vasthu. Feng shui is 3000 yrs chinese art of space alignment. In chinese FENG = means WIND and SHUI = neans = WATER. It is an art of balancing the energy flow. Vasthu contains contains five elements viz. Earth, water, Fire, Aur & Sky or space. Feng shui contains viz. Water, wood, Fire, Earth & Metal. Feng shui mainly focus and used in concepts of lighting, wall colours,furnishings, landscapes to enhancing energy flow and creating balance. Vasthu focus on the flow of energy. I.e. magnetic lines of forces existing in the earth. Feng shui each of the elements has a specific wave length and energy field. Adding or removing few things will balance and maintain harmony. The main concepts of Indian vasthu and Feng shui are related to energy flow and balancing the energy. Vith comvination if vasthu & Feng shui we can create or attract more positive energy and positive vibrations.
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SIT out / Balcony - VAASTHU Few tips regarding sit out and balcony. North East - Best: the flooring is to be lowered 4 to 6 inches. South East - Not correct, but to some extent better than south west. South west - Loss in business / profession; misunderstand and confusion in family. North west - Neither good or Bad
We don't provide professional Vastu advice. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. See additional information.