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My birthday is on 23/03/1995 time-10.50 am . I wish to know why i lack confidence in studying.

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I lack confidence during studies... and i also face problems in remembering things. I am a post graduate student in science. I always stay as an average student although i have good knowledge and motive to do something in future. I am not able to score even good marks.
posted Sep 17, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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you are not given mentioned your name and place.  with the DOB, i have given some details about your nature.

 * Attractive personality  
 * Affectionate    
 * Shy and reserved    
 * Secretive    
 * Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic 
 * Loves peace and serenity  
 * Sensitive to others    
 * Loves to serve others  
 * Not easily angered    
 * Trustworthy    
 * Appreciative and returns kindness  
 * Observant and assess others  
 * Revengeful    
 * Loves to dream and fantasize  
 * Loves traveling    
 * Loves attention    
 * Loves home decors   
 * Musically talented    
 * Loves special things   
 * Moody     
 where your house, some vaasthu defects noticed. because of that you are facing problems   

answer Sep 18, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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Puneet Khanna
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