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West facing house

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Hi my house is west facing the door is right in the middle. It is a house  on a plot.  It is not a flat. kitchen is in the Northeast. The master bedroom is in the southeast but there is another bedroom in the Southwest. The gas stove in the kitchen is facing north that is I will be facing north when I cook. Can anyone advise me on this.? Also I have a huge door in the east side that's a glass door. The garage is facing west but it is in the northwest side of the house. When we park the car it faces East. Please advise
posted Aug 17, 2017 by Siddharth Deb

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2 Answers

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Answer :

According to Vastu Shashtra west facing house is suitable for house owner. Your house main door right in the middle it is also suitable. House kitchen is at North East is not proper place. Bedrooms are South West , these are also at exact place. In the kitchen cooks face towards North that is right. Glass door which is East side ,there is not any problem. Garage in North West facing and Car's face is towards East. These are correct.

Remedies :

  1.  Your kitchen is not at proper place according to Vastu , so you should keep gas Cylender sore, oven etc in South East corner.
  2. The kitchen walls colour should be according as house owner's wife rashi's colour.
  3. The kitchen door , windows should be not towards South direction. If is it possiblen the cooks face should be towards East.
  4. A white coloured bulb should be burn every time.
  5. A fullfilled water pot should be keep always  South West corner.
  6.  After the cooking door should be always closed.


answer Sep 5, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
Also sir, what should be considered a cut in the plot or house? There is another house . Its north facing (when I get out of The main door I am facing north) The plot is proper rectangle shape but the house has a northeast cut due to tge attached garrage. Is it okay? What should be considered plot cut or house cut?
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Message from - vaasthu Rajah - vastu compass community:
Your plot and house has more negativity. And the energy level is very poor.
Try to correct it ad early as possible. The correction can be done without any alteration.
Further details you may contact:
Ph: 011 - 39585123
Mzil -
answer Apr 22 by S.rajahgopaal
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