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Stationery Shop

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Sir Am T.Suryanarayana unemploy since 3 years.  i have  started a stationery shop, at my near residency.What type of business suits me.
My birth details below.
DOB IS 09/09/1974, Hubli POB.
Please provide me with details of your suggestions.
Shop facing is west and side  road is north.
posted Aug 16, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Answer :

Mr. T.Suryanarayana according to Vastu Shashtra and your  DOB 09/09/1974. Your stationary shop business is suitable for you. Your other suitable business is metal,clothes related business. For successful business you should follow some following Vastu tips :

  1.  The dates 9,18,27 of each months. days Tuesday ,Friday and colour Red are most favourable for you. You should always use these dates days and colour for successive business.
  2. The time 31st October to 14th November is most suitable for you. You should begin your new business in this period.
  3. You should use red colour every where such as your dress, handkerchief,bed sheet ,door cloth , Sofa cover etc.
  4. If is it possible you should wear a golden ring with 5 ratti munga (coral) in right hand second finger.
  5. You should Pray/Worship God Hanuman every Tuesday and Saturday.
  6. Your shop is facing West ,so you stick two picture of God Ganesh above the door Inside and Outside.
answer Sep 6, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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