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Vastu and Zodiac Sign- how to use

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Represents-> East direction

Favorable planet-> Sun 

East facing house is more beneficialYou can also draw a Swastik symbol at the main door or you can have a Swastik made of bronz.


Favorable direction-> North East

House in the North East direction proves lucky and favorable for a Taurus. This direction brings in wealth, health, power, prestige and prosperity along with all other happiness.

Lucky color-> Light yellow color.


Favorable direction-> North East

House in the North east facing is lucky and favorable. 

Use yellow color shades for to get maximum benefits.


Favorable direction-> North. 

This direction is associated with the God of wealth “Kuber”. 

House in the north or north facing direction. 

Color-> light green. North facing wall has to be in light green color. 

Silver swastik at the main door or a green colored Ganesh idol can also be placed.


Favorable direction-> North West

Build House in the North west.

place a picture of the moon in the North west wall. 

Colors-> light white (cream) for good results.  Place a swastik of silver or bronze on  the main door.


Favorable direction-> North west

Build house in the North west direction. 

Color-> Cream color on the wall gives benefits.


Favorable direction-> West

Houses facing  West direction are auspicious. 

If main door is in the North- west direction, the family head will always fear of enemy.  So avoid the main door in this direction. 

Place a Tulsi (Basil) plant outside the house.  

Draw Swastik at the main entrance of the house.


Favorable direction-> South

As per Vastu, South or south facing house is considered to be inauspicious. But in the South or South facing direction are auspicious for Scorpions and if the favoring planet Mars is in the right position it proves to be very lucky and brings prosperity in their life. 

For positive results  place a photo of Panchmukhi Hanuman at the main door and use red or grey color on the South wall or use pink also.


Favorable direction-> West

West facing house is considered auspicious

Construct the house away from the road. If the main door is in the North-west direction, the head of the family will always have the fear of enemy. So avoid the main door in this direction. 

Place a Tulsi (Basil) plant outside the house or in the courtyard. 

Draw Swastik at the main entrance.


Favorable direction-> South

South or South facing houses are not considered to be auspicious. But as per Vastu, house in the South or South facing direction are auspicious for Sun sign Capricon’s  and if the favoring planet Mars is in the proper position then, it is lucky and brings in prosperity in the life of capricon’s.  

Keep the South floor of the the house higher than east. 


Favorable direction-> South-east

As per Vastu, South east is also called as the Agneya corner, which is the corner of fire element. South-east facing land is not recommended for residential purpose in general,  but if the construction is done based on the vastu principles it will  be favorable. 

Swastik at the main entrance is good.


Favorable direction-> South-east

As per Vastu, South-east is the Agneya corner in the house and the fire element has its extensive power in Agneya. Generaly South-east facing houses are  not recommended for residential purpose, but if the house is  constructed according to the Vastu principles it will bring prosperity and happiness to the occupants.

Swastik at the main entrance will bring in prosperity.

posted Jun 21, 2017 by Mahesh Kumar

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