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Can you provide Vastu tips for Plots and Land and Remedy for Vastu Doshas?

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posted Sep 21, 2015 by Mahesh Swamy

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1 Answer

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The ideal plot is the one whose length and breadth are same and ideally facing each side of plot to exact north direction, south direction, east direction and west direction, and the house constructed in this plot shall also be ideal. If utility rooms are constructed as per the norms of Vaastu Shastra the foundation should be 9 feet but due to the construction of sky rise multi-story buildings coming up, the depth of foundation shall depend on the load bearing capacity of soil, the number of storeys that are going to be constructed and the materials used. As per Manushyalacandrika, 12m is an ideal minimum width of the plot. Length is governed by Legnth Breadth proportions. While buying plot it necessary to note the shape of the plot. The plot should in either Square or Rectangle. There should be no cuts or extensions at any corners.

The following plots are inauspicious, becareful before buying :
1. Triangular plots or sites
2. Oval type plots
3. Polygonal plots.
4. Round shaped plots or sites
5. Unshaped plots which are cut at Eshan ( North-east) corner.
6. Northeast round corner plots.
7. Plots which is having raising or increasing or extension towards Agneya (Southeast)
8. More slope from North to South side plots or sites.
9. Heavy extension towards Southwest corner plots.
10. Heavy digs or pits at South side plots.
11. East elevated sites or North elevated plots or even Northeast elevated plots
12. Plots which is extending towards Vayavya (Northwest) corner.
13. More slope from East to West side plots.
14. Heavy digs at Southwest corners, excavation towards Southwest.
15. Mountains at North side plots.
16. Heavy sump or at West side plots.
17. Heavy rocks at East side plots.
18. River at West side plots.
19. River at South side plots.
20. Heavy mountain stones at Ishan (Northeast) side plots.
21. River at Southwest side plots.
22. Heavy buildings at East side plots.
23. Heavy buildings or apartments at North side plots.
24. Heavy buildings at Eshan (Northeast) direction plots.
25. More open space at South side than north side plot.
26. Two directions i.e., East and West having apartments.
27. Slope from Northeast to Southwest (Nairuthi) corner plots.
28. Both side i.e., North & South sides having apartments.
29. Ground floor depression towards South, West and Southwest, even some times Northwest and Southeast also.
30. More open place towards Southwest sites.
31. Bad street focus or road thrust properties are to be avoided to buy or construct.
32. More open space at West side than east side plot

Auspicious Plots to select :
1. Having 90 degrees and directional plots.
2. Floor slope towards Northeast corner from Southwest corner.
3. Having good street focus plots. For more info check this Road thrusts link.
4. Northeast extension site
5. Northeast water flow properties.

answer Oct 17, 2015 by Maruthi
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