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Does Vastu Shastra work in apartments? Or it is only for the independent houses?

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posted Sep 21, 2015 by Mahesh Swamy

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2 Answers

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It is a fact that the original Vaastu tenets prescribed the kind of site and then specified the layout materials and construction techniques. In an urban area, one can hardly indulge in choosing dwelling sites. Thus the macro level implications can be successfully adapted to contemporary needs. Consult a senior consultant.

answer Oct 17, 2015 by Hanuman Vastu
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As I said, vaasthu is nothing but energy. It is not question of independent house or flat or rented.  Wherever the energy level is good the place will flourish well. If the energy  level is poor in that place, the people will face problem, that is a theory.

answer Oct 1, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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