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Is Vastu shastra relevant in the modern world? Can people apply in today's lifestyle?

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posted Sep 21, 2015 by Mahesh Swamy

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2 Answers

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All the ancient doctrines of Vaastu Shastra may not be applicable as such in the present scenario. Some of the tenets particularly show a strong social bias, which was relevant to the social structure which existed at that time. Such tenets have certainly lost their significance. However the fundamentals of the theory can be adapted to the modern world. Unfortunately, again most of the modern Vaastu exponents are also exploiting the layman ignorance and gullibility. That is why proper knowledge of common man will help him to survive against the so called exploitation of fraud Vaastu practitioners.

answer Oct 17, 2015 by Durga
Absolutely.  Lot of naïve people are taken advantage of by the so called vastu experts who have no clear knowledge of it in reality.  Vastu shastra was written in a time when the lifestyle was entirely different and there were no cars or gas stove or electric stove.  I am amused to see the fake experts discussing garage vastu and etc etc.  While I do agree that vastu brings energy balance, in modern day planning especially in the US and even in India, houses are well planned for current living and as long as it brings comfort, then to me that's the applicable vastu for the house.  One cannot stupidly apply vastu and blindly keep a big fish in a small tank calling it as vastu fish.  How is it really possible for someone to bring prosperity and happiness by keeping a big fish in a small tank in the name of vastu and torturing the fish like keeping it in a jail.  Seriously,  this is not vastu shastra and torturing a soul even if it is in a fish is not going to bring prosperity.  It is nothing but cheating and there are lots of literate idiots in India who would rather follow stupidly these than using their common sense (If they have one)
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Vaasthu means = living place.  We make utilise of all available natural resource like earth,water,fire and air in a proper manner, the place and residing persons will attain all sort benefits.

answer Oct 1, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal