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I not able to sleep propetly since last two year, please let me know wht is wrong in my flate

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I have not been to sleep properly at my new flat since almost last two years.
Secondly my wife having problem on her both the hands, she is not been able to hold thing properly  by both the hands. As per doctor she is suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome
Please suggest some remedy. Thanks
posted May 14, 2017 by Yatender Singh Negi

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Dear yatender singh:
Your house ground force is negative and vaasthu energy level is poor due to that you will have above problems.

The room where you sleep is not suitable and geopathic strees is noticed.

For the time being you shift the sleeping place.

Then you will find some improvement.  
Pl note that if you are continuously use this bed room it will lead to major health problem.

Unless you correct the ground force and vaasthu force nothing can be done.  Dont' worry without demolition it can be done by installing the suitable energy materials in your house and the problems can be eradicated/

Pl note that when the building or room is in geopathic stree condition, the health problem will always be there and more over it will not respond to medical also.

If you have any doubt you can call me 98402 49266

Vaasthu & cosmic energy consultant,chennai

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Vastu shastra indicate us the main entrance,internal parts of flat such as bedroom,pooja room,kitchen,toilet,dinning hall etc should be at proper place. If there is should be at proper place.If they are not at correct place than it is harmful.

In flat the condition of bedroom is not  showed.The bedroom direction is north,south,north northeast and north north west.Your bedroom should be at above written direction.In the bedroom the bed should be in south west direction while sleeping head towards east and south yours legs should be north or west.

The bedroom which is north north east the most suitable for you wife because it is zone of heath and happiness.She(your wife) should pray,worship God son to remove carpal tunnel syndrome.She should start fasting every sunday.

answer Jun 22, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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