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Hang Your Calendar In This Direction As Per Vastu For Auspicious Results

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Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian architecture study emphasizes on the basic principles of universal or solar energy, magnetic field of earth & the wind directions. A beautiful home can all become unsuitable to live – given the principles of Vastu if not followed correctly. No wonder so much importance is given to this ancient science in this modern world of technological know how.


With the advent of new year, a calendar is the most gifted or received item. Every household would have it. So it is natural for us to hang it on a wall or keep it on a desk. But do you know the rules of Vastu apply to calendar as well, because is a representation of time. Hanging it or placing it in different directions will give different results.

  1. A calendar placed in South direction increases bad luck. This direction is linked with obstacles in terms of finances. The head of the house can also suffer from ailments
  2. North, West or East wall is an ideal place for hanging or placing a calendar. The calendar should not have images of sad or ferocious animals; otherwise it will lead to generation of negative energy.
  3. A calendar placed in East direction is auspicious. This is a direction of success and growth. keep a photo of rising sun next to the calendar to boost good luck.
  4. North direction is linked with god of wealth-kuber. Keep a picture of green colour, a fountain or marriage photo frame next to the calendar in this direction.
  5. A calendar should not be visible from your main gate as it disturbs the energy entering into your home.
  6. West is a direction of natural flow of energy. A calendar here can help increase the chances of your ongoing projects completing speedily and stalled projects picking pace. North-West direction is the best for this purpose.


posted May 10, 2017 by anonymous

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