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Don't Neglect The Balcony Area Of Your Home, It Could Affect Your Happiness do read the article

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Balconies are our window to the outside world from our concrete cocoons. To some, their balconies are a source of comfort.

Every morning, a balcony becomes a bird’s playground while different hues of the sun stream through. At night, they offer a glimpse of the starry horizon calling out to the sandman.  

While some treat their balconies as just another storage space, some actually go that extra mile to add character to them. According to Vastu shastra, being built at a height, balconies are the place from where maximum cosmic energy (positive or negative) enters a home. Thus, its design and right construction should not be neglected. It will ultimately affect the overall happiness quotient of the place.


1) Avoid building circular balconies. They should not have curves. Shapes like rectangle and square are preferred.

2) Do not keep heavy furniture in the balcony or store unused or trash there. Also, never keep dustbin in your balcony. It is a heavy Vastu dosh.

3) Shrubs and other smaller plants should be placed in the balcony. They not only brighten up the balcony but also facilitate positive vibes. 

4) East or north-east is the best direction to construct a balcony. The south-west side is an ideal place for seating, while east-west is the best for a swing.

5) These days we find washbasins and even washrooms built in a balcony. But vastu prohibits this. 

6) Space utility has always been a challenge in urban homes. Stuff like kids bicycles, mats, magazines are often kept in the balcony. But this only breeds negative energy in the area. 

7) The roof of the balcony should not be higher than the room's roof to which it is attached.

Keep your balcony clean and clutter free for attracting positive cosmic vibes into the home.

posted May 10, 2017 by anonymous

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It is a proven fact that colours have a significant psychological effect on people. A home is a place where a person spends a major part of one’s life. As specific colours stimulate distinctive emotions in the people, it is important to have an appropriate balance of colours in one’s home, to feel fresh and live a healthy life.

Colours for your home, as per direction

Vikash Sethi, CEO and founder of, says that colours have to be decided, based on the direction and the date of birth of the home owner.

“While each direction has a specific colour, at times, it may still not suit the owner. Therefore, home owners should adhere to the general guidelines for colours as per Vastu Shastra, which entails the following key points:

North-east – Light blue. East – White or light blue. South-east – As this direction is associated with fire, orange, pink and silver colours can be used to enhance the energy. North – Green, pista green. North-west – This area is related to air. So, white, light gray and cream are the best colours. West – It is the place of ‘Varun’ (i.e., water). So, the best colours are blue or white. South-west – Peach, mud colour, biscuit colour or light brown. South – Red and yellow.

Home owners must take extra precautions while choosing colours like black, red and pink, as these colours do not suit every person,” explains Sethi.

Colour guidelines, as per your home section

Experts point out that each section of your home, requires colours as per its energy requirement, size and direction. The colour requirement of your home section, should be as per its usage. Astro-numerologist, Gauravv Mittal, says, “People living in a home should keep the following points in mind, while colouring the rooms:

Master bedroom: Ideally, the master bedroom should be in a south-west direction and hence, should be painted with blue colour.

Guest room/ drawing room: North-west is the best place for the guest room/ drawing room and hence, a guest room in this direction should be painted with white colour.

Kids’ room: North-west is the best place for rooms for children who are grown up and go out for study purposes. As the north-west direction is governed by the moon, hence, children’s rooms in this direction should be painted with white colour.

Kitchen: The south-east zone is ideal for kitchens and hence, the walls of the kitchen should be painted with orange or red colour.

Bathroom: North-west is the best place for bathroom and hence, the bathroom should be painted with white colour.

Hall: Ideally, the hall should be in the north-east or north-west direction and hence, should be painted yellow or white.

Home exterior colour: The exterior colour of the house, should be based on its owners. Colours, such as yellowish-white or off-white or light mauve or orange, can suit to people of all Rashis.”

Colours that you should avoid in your home

Experts suggest that light shades are always good. Dark shades like red, brown, gray and black may not suit everyone, as they represent some of the fiery planets likes Rahu, Shani, Mars and Sun. “Red, deep yellow and black should be avoided. Generally, theses colours have high intensity and it may disturb the energy pattern inside your house,” cautions Sethi.

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 Wind chimes: The common decorative items in most homes can be placed in north, northwest and west vastu zones. In the north, you can place a wind chime made up of five rods; this will attract new opportunities in your career. A seven-rod wind chime in the west brings overall gains for you.

- Location of dressing table: Placement of your dressing table in the right direction can help in improving your relationships. It should be kept adjacent to your bedroom, but avoid placing it on the southern wall in the southwest zone because then it will increase expectations from your spouse, which will create problems in the relationship. Ideally, placement of the dressing table should be decided keeping in mind the effect of mirror in Vastu.

- Statues or idols or paintings of Buddha: If you have a figure of Lord Buddha, place it in the northeast Vastu zone of your house. According to the directions of alchemy in Mahavastu, north-east zone is responsible for your connectivity with yourself. When you place a symbol of spiritually elevated person like Lord Buddha, it sends a message to your house that you want to get connected with your higher self. Accordingly, the space energies start programming your subconscious mind and you feel connected. The connectivity in turn facilitates new ideas, creativity and clarity of your mind.

- Pair of white horses: You can place a sculpture of a pair of white horses in the northwest zone of your home. It will facilitate financial support, like a bank loan, for you.

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