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Sir I have smol computer shop 270sqft

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Dear sir
I have smol computer shop at akurdi
मुझे ये जणांना हे की मलिक को काहा बैठणा चाहीये और उसका फेस काहा होणा चाहीये अकाउंट का काम काहा करणा चाहीये
posted Apr 13, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Answer : 

In the question the facing direction of shop is not shown. According to Vastu Shashtra in your computer shop owner most suitable seating place is West South corner and facing North or East. Your main table should be in front of your face with computer or Laptop. Account work should be the same place and other options is North West corner. You should follow the following tips for the best business. 

1. Gods picture should be at North East corner. 

2. Electric board and metre should be in South East corner. 

3. Racks, Cupboards are with Eastern and Western Wall. 


answer Apr 20, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
my date or birth is 18/09/1984 i want to show my shop design draft ware to attach file
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respected sir/madam, 

meri shop east facing hai, problem ko solve kre please


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