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Master bedroom

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My master bedroom in north/east and toilet attached in north/ it right?which cloulors can i use for my bedroom?
posted Mar 29, 2017 by Arvind Shankar Dhoke

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1 Answer

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North East direction is preferred direction for entrance, Puja, open area, balcony etc.
If you have no option other than NE for the master bedroom, you can have inside room settings as per Vastu.

Can you keep your bed in SW corner of the room, head can be in South or East direction.
Keep NE area of the room very light and clean.
Don't keep any mirror in the bedroom.

What about other rooms, kitchen location in your house?

We have to understand the use of master bedroom, which is mainly used for Relaxation and love between the couple occupant of that room. Now, we should consider these usage while selecting the color of the master bedroom.

For Relaxation purpose we can use blue color and for love making or romance, pink is very good color (as pink is usually associated with love).

Blue is the most soothing colour which signifies tranquility and contentment. This colour is versatile in expressing values. Blue colour is generally preferred for larger areas where soft and lighter version is needed. Small rooms are not suitable for blue colour as per the interior design. 

For Master bedroom, one should use combination of brown, blue and pink, which will ensure that there’s a good balance in life. The blue is masculine and pink is feminine color (they represent balance between couple) and the brown color gives stability.

answer Mar 30, 2017 by Nimesh Kumar
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