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Main entrance of house is facing west and is located in South West corner is this inauspicious

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Main entrance of my house is facing west and is located in the south west corner. I have constructed a safety door in from of main door and direction of safety door is facing south.
Since last 2 years I am in deep financial trouble and there are back to back orrourance of accidents in my home. Mainly related to leg bone fracture of my family members.
Could you please advise on the remedies for this. There is no scope for alteration of main door. Nor I could move to any other house . This is my first house and have put in all my life's savings for it.
posted Mar 17, 2017 by Akshay Kulkarni

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1 Answer

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The problem is your place is totally negative and nothing will take place easily. Because if this you will have stress, depression and other problems.
Don't worry you consult vadtudekho and get personalised consultation and get solution for this.
As early as possible you try correct your place.
S. Rajahgopaal
Vaasthu & cosmic divine energy consultant
Ph - 011-39585123
answer Jun 30 by S.rajahgopaal