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Where to start construction work in a big land of 70 acres.

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We need to develop a land of 70 acres for providing plots to our customers who have invested. We want to develop the entire area as per vastu including land topography where to do bhoomi Pooja till we hand over the plots. Please advise.
posted Mar 17, 2017 by Nagaraj Banaji

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1 Answer

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Mainly Layout Plan should be according to Vastu.

The shape of the land matters(for irregular shape proper corrections required),

North East is the place for conducting bhoomi Pooja,

South West is the direction to start Work.


answer Mar 18, 2017 by Nageshwar
Thanks. Held the same view. Got reinforced.
We have done the bhoomi Pooja in Northeast and have started levelling the work in Southwest. My question now is should we continue work in Southwest or comeback to northeast and start the land levelling works.
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