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Unsuccessful business no profit no saving at all...

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me & my father are running a small stationary business for many years but still no grow and no saving and very less customers come to my shop ..plz help me on it..My Do is - 25 July 1989.Time of birth 5:00 pm & place of birth - Shillong meghalaya
posted Mar 3, 2017 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Send me the detail plan showing road and building details like entrance etc 

answer Mar 7, 2017 by Nageshwar
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Answer :

According to your question you have stationary related business. so , you should follow some following Vastu tips:

  1. You should begin the business related work on 7th , 16th ,25th dates in per month. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday are best suitable days for you. 
  2. Your suitable colour is white and light blue.
  3. you should begin the business white and light blue related things.
  4. In your shop and stall you should fix a photo of god/goddess in north east corner .Electric meter,switch etc at south east corner.
  5. You should sit always north or east facing in your shop. If it is possible  then your sitting place is south west corner.
answer Mar 16, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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What to do ?
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