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Important Querie....plzzz help us

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My kitchen is in north-east direction so my question is what we do now for correction as i hear tht north-west is good according to vastuk....plzz suggest me which crystal i do preferred nd in wht direction
posted Jan 8, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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According to Vastu Shashtra the following space/article and their suitable place given below;

Room, Pooja room, Kitchen room,,,   --------     Suitable place 

a. Pooja room                                        ----        North East 

b. Kitchen room                                     ----        South East 

c. Bed room                                          ----        South North- North North West and North North East.

d. Drawing room                                    ----         East North East, West North West West.

e. Toilet room                                        ----        South South East 

f. Store room                                         ----        North West.

If the kitchen is in North East direction than following tips should be need;

1. The kitchen's wall and roof colour should be white.

2. The heater, gas stove should be South East corner.

3. Refrigerator  is North East corner.

4. Electric articles such as Mixi and grander should be in South East.

5. The kitchen slab at Eastern.

6. The face of cook should be always East side.


answer Jan 12, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra