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Which direction the study table should be

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According to vastu which is the perfect direction for study table
posted Dec 30, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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enter image description here

The study table should face east or north direction. North is also acceptable to certain extent. West and south directions should be avoided.


Yes, it is advised not to position the table against the wall. It should be 3-4 inches away from the wall to allow easy flow of air, light and positive energy. Facing blank wall should be avoided, since it curbs free thoughts and creativity. Instead hang a poster of an inspirational quote or message, which will keep the child focussed on the ultimate goal. A poster of greenery could also be hung, since looking at something green every 20 minutes refreshes the eyes. It is advisable to choose something subtle and not something gory and gaudy, which would divert the attention.


A good quality wood is highly advised, which is rectangular or square in shape. Having anything oval or round is not recommended, since it gets slightly tricky to organize stuffs on it. Avoid wrought iron table with glass top, since glass can divert the attention while making things beneath visible.

Few general tips are :

  • Keeping the study, sleep, eating area separate.
  • Keeping the study table clutter free
  • Having the space well lit and ventilated
  • Avoiding a window around the table to keep the concentration up
  • Keeping the color of the wall pastel, Light blue or something similar to have a calm effect.
answer Dec 31, 2016 by anonymous
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The most suitable direction of study table in a study room / room is North East - North North East and South East, North direction is the first. The second options is South. West and South West always should be avoid the study table in room. Student faces are also important for student carrier. So here the direction of study table and its purpose are given below ;

      Direction                        -----          Purposes 

      North                               -----          M.B.A, U.P.S.C       

      North East North              -----          Medical Science and Ayurvedhik 

      North East                       -----          Research and Productivity.

      East                                -----          Political science 

      South East                       -----         Law and communication. 

      South South East              -----        Physical science and Sport. 

      North North West               -----       General administration, Home science.

The other tips according to Vastu Shastra the picture of god , goddess( Mahapurana), Great workers, Social workers, Scientist are also fix in study room. It should be give positive energy.   


answer Jan 5, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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