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Why SW or South-West room is considered a very powerful room in a house?

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posted Sep 19, 2015 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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The South-west direction of the home is always considered powerful since the magnetic energy is stored in that direction. This magnetic energy is the energy that flows from the north-east direction.  It is the direction owned by the demon Niriti, hence it is also called Nairuti. If all the rules of Vastu are properly applied, this direction can give  a strong and healthy life, confidence, wealth, fame and health. However, incorrect usage of the southwest can result in serious problems for the resident of the house.These include major losses in finances,behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety, and conception. 

Following are the things to be taken care of for southwest direction:

1. The Southwest is the best place for a master bedroom,as one is always safe and happy in this part of the house.

2. The owner will enjoy both good health and wealth if bedroom is in that direction. 

3. Placing cash and valuables in the south-west are stable and long lasting.

4. The South-West is the worst place for positioning a building’s entry.

5. It is strictly advised not to place septic tanks, pits, wells, underground water tanks etc as it would bring in a lot of ill effects. 

answer Jul 14, 2016 by Team Vastu
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Answer : 

South West corner is also called South - West ( Nairitga )  direction. It is space of God Vastu at time of Griha Pravesh the Vastu Purush is worshiped there. The magnetic energy is stored there. The study room is stored there.The study room is should be there. It affects the children education. They got high lable education. People should keep these importance of paper. Jewelleries and other things by this room brings us happiness increase wealthy and health. Some things article should not keep there such as water related thing like septic tank water pits. In South West direction toilet should be keep there.        

answer Jan 25, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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