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What is the effect of NE corner and Why it is so auspicious. Why should we keep it open?

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posted Sep 19, 2015 by anonymous

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NE is so important because the energy creative or source from this place. Scientifically if you block this energy ny providing room or etc the energy source is getting affected. So that this corner is so important

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The Sun rises from east and sunset happens in the west direction. The sunrays contain 99% of visible light and remaining are ultraviolet, infrared rays and etc. Position of the sun defines what type of sun rays we get.

1. Approximately from 6 a.m. the effect of infrared rays starts. At early hours the intensity of infrared rays are very less and beneficial in health aspect. It also Kills bacteria and avoid small insects growth. Water exposed to sunlight takes advantage of the germicidal properties of the rays, water present at east, north or northeast becomes bacteriological safe.
2. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. the effect of ultraviolet rays will be very high. UV-A and some part of harmful UV-B will be released unfiltered.
3. The effect of infrared rays (heat radiation) will increase till sunsets

Vastu observed all these good and bad effects of sunrays, its intensity, and the timings and suggested to keep water bodies along east, north or northeast to make use of disinfective nature of sunrays. As the sunray effects more on east and less on north direction, which are good for health and only natural light source till noon, Vastu suggested more openings towards east and north.
From noon sun travels more west and less south directions. From 12 noon to sunset, the bad effect of ultraviolet rays and infrared rays (intense heat energy) starts. So Vastu suggested closing of west and south direction and particularly the south-west corner in order to protect from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays and intense heat from infrared rays.

answer Apr 30, 2016 by Mahesh Kumar
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Due to the tilt of the Earth (22½°), North East corner of a house or building receives energy. During early morning when the Sun is at its maximum distance from the Earth, only infra-red rays are able to reach the Earth, which are beneficial for the human body. Hence, North-East portion of the house should be such that it should receive beneficial infra-red rays.

answer Feb 27, 2016 by Sukumar
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North East is the place of God and head of Vastu Purushothaman resides. This corner can be the source of water. Water can be allowed to flow into the house through this corner. Drainage water can also flow thru this area, we should always check that water flows from SW direction to the direction NE, which means SE should be higher than NE area.

Bore well can be there in the North East area and water connection line can be taken from this side. Similarly, drainage pipe can be thru this side.

North east corner should be light so overhead tank shouldn't be placed in this area.

North east area should have a better and more open space in the house, which will allow natural universal energy into the house through this side.

If your NE area is blocked by other flat or building, it'll obstruct or block the flow of natural universal energy into the house and that is not Vastu compliant area. If one side is blocked, provide more openings in the other side.

answer Mar 23, 2016 by Shunu
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Sun rises in the East Direction and Sun is like a visible 'God' for us. In Vastu east is an important direction. East should have more open space to allow cosmic energy and should be lower. slop should be from SW to NE side so if you pour water from SW direction it should naturally flow towards NE direction.

East is Pitrusthana (fathers place). East Direction is the key direction for the males. It gives name and fame. Success and Victory has been the address of this direction.

Properties, which are facing in this direction are considered to be god as per Vastu.

All the cosmic energy and sun rays come from this direction. This direction gives vital power to living things. All the rituals are performed by facing this direction only. Hence, it is called a holy direction.

North East is the place for temple or for the purpose of performing Puja. Keep North East always clean and open along with East.

answer Apr 28, 2016 by Shunu
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