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Which direction is best suitable to locate photo frames?

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I need to locate family photographs on the walls of my house.Please help knowing the suitable direction for a north east faced house.
posted Dec 4, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes
1. Pictures depicting war, evil, grief and loneliness should not be hanged on walls.
2. Pictures depicting anger create disturbance and mood of discontentment.
3. Abstract painting and pictures with no evident & meaning create confusion and stress in mind of inmates and such pictures should be avoided.
4. Do not place images of late ancestors on North-east wall or in worship room. Ideally late ancestor images should be placed on Southern wall.
5. Water element pictures can be located on Northern walls while fire element images should be positioned only on Southern wall.
6. Family photographs are best to be placed on South-west wall so as to strengthen the bonds of relationships. But never place family pictures on Eastern or Northern wall.
7. To harmonize the ambience of home, have beautiful pictures of birds in pair while avoid displeasing images of birds or wild animals.
answer Dec 5, 2016 by anonymous