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Can you suggest important points one should considers before buying house or land?

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posted Sep 19, 2015 by Vastu Malhotra

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2 Answers

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• We must assess if the land we are planning to buy is of First, Second, Third or Fourth grade and Shops, Factories, Complexes, Apartments, Marriage Halls or any other big buildings near by.
• We must know the surroundings set up before buying.
• Importantly one must see the land is square or rectangle or crooked/angular.
• Must see if there is a scope leaving enough space to the sky when we plan to build a house.
• We can buy the land adjoining our land, if it comes up for sale. Must see because of that our will gateways become bad?
• We must consider if buying the adjacent land will bring good or bad to us
• When we go to sale a part of our land, we must consider which part is good, which part is bad to us post sales.
• We must see if the street/road has any impact on the land.
• We must see if there are Vastu exalted and indispensible elevated/lower portion near the land. We must consider before buying the land.
• We must see if any water streams near the house are. If they are there, we must deliberate if we can buy the house.
• If the road or street ends at the house, can we buy that house? Like this we must consider all angles before we decide to buy or sell a house.

answer Oct 19, 2015 by Maruthi
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Please refer my articles published.

answer Sep 11, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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