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My architect has suggested drawings for my new house and West side have empty backyard compared to east, north & south.

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Is it good or bad? If it shouldn't be like this than can someone kindly let me know the solution?

posted Sep 19, 2015 by anonymous

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3 Answers

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Keeping West side open and closing North, East, NorthEast and SouthEast is not a good plan as per vastu.

You should try for either of these 2 plans:

‘C’ Shape building in which North -West, North, North -East is open is the best building.

‘C’ Shape building is good as East & North -East in this is open.

answer May 11, 2016 by Anjani
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Answer : 

Vastu Shastra indicates us North empty back yard is most suitable. The second option is West empty back yard. South empty back yard is always avoid. You should choose North empty back yard and main entrance should be at middle point of North to North North West. A map is given below about this; 

Internal parts ( Rooms and other place) should be at proper place. Bedroom / Pooja room and directions are given below : 

Pooja Room          -----           North East. 

Kitchen Room       -----           South East.

Bed Room            -----           South, North North East and North North West. 

Store Room          -----           North West. 

Toilet Room          -----           South South West and East South East. 



answer Mar 1, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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Load to be distributed equally aall sides except North East and East.  Other area should not keep empty.  

Try to make use of the west side.  If not, you can rectify the defect with suitable energy materials.

Then there will not be a problem.



vaasthu & cosmic energy consultant


answer Sep 25, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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