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In flat/apartment ,is it necessary the main entrance in N/E or East direction?

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In a flat/apartment sunrays do not come from main entrance, it come from front or balcony of flat.So in flat/apartment is main entrance in N/E or E necessary or the front/balcony should be considerd in N/E or E direction as the sun rays come in whole flat from front/balcony.

posted Oct 28, 2016 by anonymous

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6 Answers

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Now a days it is very difficult to get the main door directions as you like. But whatever may as I said already, if the main door entrance is whether it is NORTH, NE, EAST, SOUTH OR NW, it should be in positive zone only.for having balcony on the east side is good for you.

You should see the other rooms, kitchen, toilet all as per the vaasthu norms.


vaasthu & cosmic energy consultant


answer Oct 23, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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That's why you can't decide about the Vastu based on few parameters. For a proper Vastu, all the important facts about the property need to be there.

Your Q is correct, in a flat, if East direction main door opens in the corridor and there is no direct sunlight there, which means, your East is blocked.

answer Oct 28, 2016 by anonymous
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Vastu Shashtra tells us main entrance should be North-East and East, West and South direction. North East and East direction of East facing main door are better then West and South direction door.

 The East facing main door is beneficial in economical and Successful in all works. It is helps us government works. 

North facing doors helps in  Patrick wealth, Religions matter and increasing generation. If main door is between West and West West South. It also useful developing wealth, increasing age and satisfactory. 

South facing main door is also beneficial for business man. It helps in increasing business and developing money. 

There for all direction are suitable for main entrance. It is not necessary for North and North, East and East direction.

answer Dec 19, 2016 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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Your main door is the main entry or exit for the positive and negative energies. therefore Vastu Shastra must be followed for the main entrance of your house. as per Vastu principles, the main entrance should be in North, East, North East or West since these are very auspicious and promotes positivity in your home. Since Sun rays come from these directions so it also brings positivity to your home.
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answer Jun 15, 2018 by Garima Rima
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My flat have NE balcony with SW Entrance is it good?

answer Aug 8, 2018 by Prashant
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The main door or entrance of the house is considered as the Gateway to prosperity. The main door of the house brings in beneficial energy inside the house. In India, Vastu gives high importance to the main door Vastu as most positive energies and vibrations enter the house. The first impression is the best impression; hence a lot of care has to be taken to uphold that impression. It also reflects one’s personality and the well-being of the house members. The location and position of the entrance door should be well-taken care and placed where it will activate the most beneficial energies.

The position of the main door:


Main entrance in this direction is considered to be very auspicious. Read More on this with an explanation click here


This direction gives prosperity


Generally not considered to be good


Generally not recommended, but with certain Vastu correction, the west facing home can be as good as North or East oriented one.

South-West is not a good direction for placing the main door. The magnetic energy that is flowing from North-East should get collected or accumulated in the South-West. If the entrance door is placed in this corner then chances are that the energy will leak out.

In the event, if only one entrance is provided to the house, then the door should be placed in either East of North for the best results.

Doors in the West and South are not allowed mainly in residential establishments.

For East facing house, the main door or entrance should be towards the East.

Things to keep in mind while making or buying the Main Door

  • The entrance door size should always be larger than the other doors of the house
  • The main door should have a threshold as it makes sure that you avoid loss of any wealth
  • Use very good quality of wood for the main entrance
  • An attractive nameplate on the entrance of the house will invite prosperity, wealth and happiness
  • The automated main door is not at all good
  • Auspicious symbols such as an image of Goddess Lakshmi or Swastika symbol  decorated on the main door will invite prosperity and wellbeing
  • The main door should be attractive, solid and heavy

List of Do’s and Dont’s 


  • The height of the main  door should be at least  twice its width
  • The main door should open inside and clockwise
  • The presence of a small ventilator above the main door is very auspicious
  • Placing a toran is very auspicious
  • A string made of either Peepal, Mango or Ashok leaves hanging on the main door is good as they expel negativity
  • Always keep entrance door well lit with bright lights
  • The entrance has been clutter free, and tidy. It will attract positive energies
  • Lighting a diya outside the main door at sunset is a good custom.


  • The main door should not make any screeching noise while opening or closing
  • Avoid main doors that close or open automatically
  • Never place a door in the centre of the wall
  • Make sure that there is no door, within the house or outside that faces the main door when you open it
  • Keeping shoes at the entrance door should be avoided
  • Never have the main door facing an abandoned and deserted building.
  • The main door should not face a temple, it will create problems
  • Poles, trees or wires have to be avoided in front of the main door
  • Avoid any shadows on the main door like shadows of temples, Plants or churches  etc
  • Picture or image of any God or Deity should not be hanged at outer-side of the main door of the house.


If there is any obstruction to the main entrance/main door is facing a ‘T’ Road, a cemetery, temple, transformer, hospital, jail, or any ugly or abandoned building, then hang a ‘Pakua’ mirror used in Feng Shui on the front of the wall of your building in such a way that it faces the negative area defined.

Source: Mr. Ashish Jain (Researcher)

answer Aug 14, 2018 by Team Vastu
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