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Floor plan- Should I buy this flat?

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Hello All,

I am planning to buy a flat, the plot size is not square or a rectagle but increases towards the north and west portion

The apartment is east facing
1. Facing East
2. Bedroom in North East (Extension)
3. Master Bedroom in South West
4. Kitchin in North West
5. South east is cut for the air ventilation duct
6. Balcony towards the North

Is it good to buy this apartment? I am not able to attach the house plan

RS Mithun
posted Oct 24, 2016 by anonymous

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Please send your plan at

2 Answers

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uploading the plan on your behalf

North Facing 2BHK

East Facing 2BHK

East Facing 2BHK

answer Oct 24, 2016 by Team Vastu
Thanks a lot. Can you please suggest the best one and also of it is good to proceed or better to avoid?

I an a little inclined towards 104
I have noticed that there is a road in East side of the apartment complex. What is there in the north side of this East facing 2BHK flat?
How is the surroundings in the north and South side, since these are the two sides, which is open for you?
Beyond this 2 concerns, NE bedroom and Duct in the SE direction.
On the north side there is a road.
On the south side there is another apartment. The balcony is open facing North side in flat 104

Yes, the NE extension and Bedroom and the SE cut- Should I avoid it?. Which among these 3 flats are best and most compliant.

I see a lot of cuts in 102 and 103 so thought 104 was better.

Pls advise.
between these option, 104 is good.
Are there any things that should be taken care because of flaws in 104? Any thing that can compensate this in a good way? The plot is also not square or rectange in shape.

Is NE Bedroom very negative?- Should it be reserved for Parents or earning member of the family?
Is SE Cut very negative can this be neutralised?
NE bedroom can be used as children's bedroom.
Yes, there are remedies for SE cut. If Professional vastu consultant can visit the place, it'll be good. Which place is this apartment?
Please also note that it's very difficult to get 100% vastu compliant flat.
This is in Bangalore, Kodigehalli.
Hi, I just was informed that the enterence in 104 is SE- 130 instead of East. Is it still a good buy?
Hi, I just was informed that the enterence in 104 is SE- 130 instead of East. Is it still a good buy? Pls advice
We have consultants on our network, who can provide more personalised Vastu report for your home/office.
Following information will be required for the report:

Date of Birth of the occupant Name of the occupant

Place of Birth of the occupant

Property Address including locality,


Property floor-plan detailing different types of rooms, windows, doors along with Directions Information on Staircase, lift, pathway leading to entrance of the property

Description of the area surrounding the property (direction wise) In case the property is already occupied - Information on a. details on each item in the property, their location, direction, colour, material type - room wise. Colour of walls and ceiling - room wise.

You can send this detail at also.
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The above said flat, the ground energy force and vaasthu energy force is very low.  Suppose if you purchased then go for remedy.



vaasthu & cosmic energy consultant


answer Sep 8, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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This is the floor plan. Entrance is towards south east.

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plz upload on my behalf of Flat No.4 I want to ask whether it is Vastu complaint?

This Question is on behalf of Piyush Jain, member of Vastu Community and sent us a direct email and requested us to upload this plan so community can check and critically review the plan from Vastu point of view.

enter image description here

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we are planning to buy the flat with east facing entrance and with 1275 sqft..i've attached our flat plan and  appartment layout plan.please suggest us if it is dvisible to buy it or not.

thank you

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