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Plzz suggest Wer to keep aquarium water fountain n cooking stove in kitchen .. n give remedies for wrong directions

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I m stating in a rented flat with my hubby my door entrance is from east main door n living room I place a TV on north wall sofa on south facing north west I hav balcony kitchen in West side of flat I face south while cooking bcoz I don't have space aty kitchen to keep in south East corner stove n cylinder.. si keeping on platform to wards south kitchen door entrance is from east .. n just opposite toilet door entrance.. n my bed room is in north west in d flat.. n I placed a wardrobe on east wall on attach to both east wall.. I keepet my bed head to west ... Plzz suggest me Wer to keep aquarium water fountain n how to get ride of this all wrong direction .. bcoz our flat is not spacious... N aquarium can b kept beside TV table..  plzz suggest.. n my stove in kitchen I kept on south facing is it harmful n if yes den wat shld I do for that
posted Oct 23, 2016 by anonymous

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3 Answers

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Keep the fish tank in living or drawing room of a home as per fish aquarium vastu shastra. No other location of a home must have a fish aquarium.

Within living or drawing room, keep the fish aquarium in North or East directions.
Vastu recommends not keeping fish tank in kitchen or bedroom as it causes food and sleeping related medical hassles.

Water: Water inside the fish tank represents life and if the water is moving (by pump) then it represents liveliness or positive energy flow in life.

Fishes: Movement of fishes in aquarium generates and enhances positive energy and attracts prosperity, wealth and happiness. Even Chinese Feng-Shui says that the more rapidly fishes move within an aquarium, the more positive energy (Chi) they generate and more prosperity, wealth and happiness is attracted.

Vastu Tips for keeping Fish Aquarium:

  1. Keep ornamental and healthy fishes in the fish tank.
  2. A combination of dragon and gold fishes is very auspicious.
  3. If a fish dies naturally, please don’t panic and replace the dead fish with a new fish.
  4. Vastu for fish aquarium suggests keeping fish tank well aerated, clean, hygienic and serene. 
  5. Keep the fish tank in living or drawing room of a home as per fish aquarium vastu shastra. No other location of a home must have a fish aquarium.
  6. Within living or drawing room, keep the fish aquarium in North or East directions.
  7. Vastu shastra recommends not keeping fish tank in kitchen or bedroom as it causes food and sleeping related medical hassles.

Stove Placement in Kitchen

some kitchen stoves are facing to south and some are facing to north also, its not a serious problem, but only thing is the placement or location of kitchen in the house is the important. For example placement of Kitchen in northeast is not good, so from olden days our elders are planned to place the kitchen at southeast only, its called as "Agni" corner. Kitchen means "Fire" so fire can be sit and fit at fire (Agni) place. The northeast kitchens are giving much trouble to the residents, so its always better to place and construct the cuisine at southeast or next best place is northwest parts. Maximum try to place the stove towards east side, i.e., while we cook, our face is towards East side. This is an advisable suggestion.


answer Oct 25, 2016 by anonymous
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Answer : 

According to Vastu Shashtra water is most useful thatness ( Tatwa). Generally people keep the Aquarium in their house to increasing money. It should be keep East South East, West North West and North North West. And also it should be keep home/flat main entrance. Aquarium bring peaceful and comfortable environment which is beneficial for the people.

The second answer in the kitchen cooking stove, gas oven and heater should be in South East ( Agnikone )  direction is good. 


1) Kitchen should be South East corner at home/flat.

2) Stove,gas oven and heater should be South East corner.

3) Water tank, well and hand pump proper place is in North and East direction. 

4) Pooja room should be North East direction.

5) Store room should be North West direction. 

6) Bed room and Dining room should be at proper place in home.  

answer Jan 24, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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In general your house energy level is very less i.e. around 55% only. 

Moreover the arrangement force is also very low energy level.

Reg kitchen you should not have water fountain in the kitchen.

water fountain can be placed on the East or North side.

You need for energy correction to improve the energy level of your house.


vaasthy & cosmic divine energy consultant

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answer Nov 24, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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