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Check floor plan & suggest

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I am sending a floor  plan of my house.plz check & suggest  if there is any problem with the vastu orientation.
posted Oct 23, 2016 by Tapas Laha

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I cannot upload my floor plan.How can i do that?Plz suggest.

5 Answers

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1.  May be ask a fresh question 

2. You will see a image button in the editor click on that. See the following image.

3. Goto upload section.
4. Choose your file to be uploaded.
5. Press send it to the server.
6. Press OK.
7. Now complete your question with the details which you want to provide.

8. And press ask button.

If you find any issue, please send your plan at

answer Oct 23, 2016 by Team Vastu
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uploading the ground floor plan for Vastu checking


answer Oct 24, 2016 by Team Vastu
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I liked the plan, you have made.

Kitchen is at good location.

East entry is also good.

Staircase is also ok in NW direction.

Toilet in SW corner is not good. Please change that.

answer Oct 24, 2016 by anonymous
The toiket is not exactly  in SW..rather it is in west.There is a small balcony in SW corner.Can u plz comment  on the position  of bore & overhead  tank,which i planned  to position  in west.
balcony is not advisable in SW corner
Overhead tank is fine in SW or west.
Undrground water tank/bore well, can be placed in NE or west direction.
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Thanks for suggestion. How it would  be if i include the SW balcony  inside the bed room.I am sending my first floor plan to,plz check & suggest  for first floor.
answer Oct 25, 2016 by Tapas Laha
you should be able to upload the plan here, are you still facing problem in uploading the plan?
Yes,i can't see any image button On editor click.
in the answer editor only you will see the uploading button. Not when you are adding comment.
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adding 1st floor plan on your behalf:

answer Oct 25, 2016 by Team Vastu
Small balcony in south or west is ok but not good in South West. Toilet is also coming in the SW zone, not good. Can you shift that to South side or west side?
Keep the SW bedroom as master bedroom on 1st floor.
Thanks for suggestion, removing small balcony from SW.What about the position  of Puja room & veranda in NE?
Puja room and veranda is fine in NE.
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I have heard that it is not good to place gas and sink opposite to each other, if it is placed opposite to each other is there any solution.

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My house is a double storey semi detached house with a garden space. It is facing East.

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My entrance is south side...North East is latrines. .North side balcony...West side balcony....south West kitchen and in front of kitchen is latrine

It is OK or not as per vastu shastra
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I purchased an under construction property 2 years back and the floor plan is attached. It will be delivered to me in 2023. I am just not sure if it is a good plan according to vastu. Could you please check this plan and suggest me if it will be a good flat to stay. 

Thanks & Regards


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