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Are there any specific tips for Diwali from Vastu?

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I need diwali pooja tips from vastu point of view for prosperity.

posted Oct 22, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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The festival of Diwali is not just famous for the lights and diva's but also for the Laxmi poojas on this day. Prayers to MAA Lakshmi on this day establishes prosperity in every household. Diwali day is also significant because it is a special ‘Swayam Siddha Muhurta’. The importance of all kinds of actions like, pooja, mantra and service/charity done on the day of Dhanteras and Diwali increase manifold. 

Dhanteras and Diwali days are also considered the right time to appease the different planets so that they have positive effects on individuals.

General Vastu tips for wealth and prosperity on Diwali

    •    Keep the North-Eastern area (Ishaan Kona) and Northern direction of your house always clean, open and light to ensure economic stability.

    •    If there is any kind of clutter in the North-Eastern zone (Ishaan Kona) and the Northern direction of the house, then you need to make the places clean so that there can be a free flow of positive energy or wealth into your house. 

    •    Have light weighted and low plants between Eastern and Northern direction of your house.

    •    For a prosperous life, place a steel container filled with water in the North-Eastern area (Ishaan Kona) of the house. Change the water once every week.

    •    The South-Western zone and Southern direction of the house should be free of borewells, water tanks or pits. 

    •    Keeping the Central zone of the house open, clean and clutter-free ensures good financial gains. 

    •    It is not good to keep dry flowers or leaves in the house as it causes hindrances in financial stability.

    •    All the clocks and mirrors should be placed on the Northern or Eastern walls.

    •    The borewells done in the North-Eastern zone or Northern direction brings good fortune and wealth.

    •    Painting Swastik sign of 9 inches by Red Sindur on the main door of the house destroys all the economic difficulties and impediments.

    •    For wealth, prosperity and fortune, make sure that you place a diya in the North-Eastern, Northern and Central zones of your house after Lakshmi pooja. 

answer Oct 22, 2016 by anonymous