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Effect of beam on the top of bed room door

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Please let me know the effect of having beam on the top of bed room door facing to North. Remedy for the same?
posted Oct 15, 2016 by anonymous

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3 Answers

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In a bedroom where you sleep or sit shouldn't be under the beam.

Door coming under the beam is fine and usually we make door beautiful and give similar shape from all 3 sides (top, and both the sides), which can give a good look and also hide the beam structure.

This is the reason, we never allow anyone to sit there or eat by sitting/standing at the door step.

No separate remedy is required for this.


answer Oct 15, 2016 by anonymous
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The beams and bars are holding the weight of the upper floors and there is tremendous weight on the beams and bars. The weight is acting on the downward direction according to laws of gravitation. 

This tremendous gravitational force is working on the person working under the beam or bar. Because of this the person feels uneasy, work is not done properly and it leads to failure in work. 

If beam is on top of your bed and part of the body which comes exactly under the beam is affected and there are innumerable example of diseases pertaining to those parts. 

In reality the main entrance of the building should not be taken under the beam. 

The students should not study under the beam. 

If the main entrance door is not proper place a pyramid yantra in the centre of the door, above the frame and each side of the frame.


answer Oct 17, 2016 by anonymous
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No one is sleep / sit under beam continuously. Because they will have a stress and tension.

If your bed is below the beam you can cover the beam with false  ceiling or otherwise change your bed location slightly away from the beam.



vaasthu & cosmic energy consultant


answer Sep 8, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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