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Entrance is west facing and office is south facing? What to do

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posted Oct 9, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Answer :

The South Facing Office is also good for business. Is the entrance is at South to South South West than it most suitable for business. 

The Article and the space of a office given below ;

Articles                                       -----      Suitable place/space 

1. Pooja place                              -----       North East corner.       

2. Electric meter                           -----       South East Corner. 

3. Cash Counter                            -----       South West ( Owner face towards East / North ). 

4. Rack and Almirah                      -----      On Western, Eastern and Northern wall. 

Note : 

a) The Symbol of two swastika and Kalasha Should be stick on back side of West entrance. 

b) Kanakadhara Stotra, Srisuktha and Laxmi Sahashraname path should be arrange on every Thursday.  

answer Jan 31, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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whatever the direction, the entrance should be in positive zone.And other room arrangement should be as per vaasthu.

answer Oct 26, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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Dear sir,

We deal in export and import business. We got SCO which is two sided open in west and south direction. Entrance can be west and south. we just got it on rent and preparing it for office use. we are three partners in this business and all are willing to work hard to get it started, but i am a little bit nervous about the beginning and growth of business.

I always believe in vastu. Please suggest me, what should be the sitting and other arrangements to grow and succeed in future.


Sukhvinder singh


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