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Suggestion over Flat Vastu

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 We are going to purchase the above flat whose main entrance door exits at North. Would request the eminent experts to comment should we go for it or not (from Vaastu perspective). Towards down is north.

posted Sep 14, 2016 by Amit Mishra

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4 Answers

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According to me according to this plan, your east and north, both directions are closed. Most of the open area you are getting is in south directions only. 

NE direction is having toilet and master bedroom also in NE to SE zone.

Position of main gate: NW, score 7

Position of kitchen, N, score: 5

Position of master bedroom: SE, NE, score: 4

Children's bedroom: S, SW, score:4

Guest room:South, score: 4

Drawing room: NW, score: 7

Toilet/bathroom, NE, score:3, N, score:7

This is an avareage flat. Total score 41/80


answer Sep 15, 2016 by anonymous
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The image you have sent is looks like a mirror image? 

According to this image your entry is in north west? Is that correct? Please confirm so further analysis can be done.

Can you also tell, which is this flat in the apartment layout? Can you mark it.


answer Sep 15, 2016 by anonymous
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Thank u very much for replying. Yes your understanding is correct. The entrance is north west. We have highlighted the flat unit in the cluster plan. Also mentioned the direction. 

Tomorrow i am going to book the same. Would request you to kindly provide your expert views.

Thanks a lot in advance.



answer Sep 15, 2016 by Amit Mishra
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Thanks dear fr ur kind guidance. M obliged. Kindly inform should i go fr it or not as a wnd user. As this is a park facing flat and the only good option available in the project. But the cost is around 90 lakhs.
it means i will putting savings of my life into it.
answer Sep 15, 2016 by Amit Mishra
This is an average flat so I would look for more better options.
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