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how to use this compass for a bedroom?

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posted Aug 19, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Answer : 

Vastu Shatra indicates us in a house / flat / bungalow the bed room should be at North, South, North North West and North North East. In the bed room bed should be beside Eastern, Southern and Western wall is suitable. There is not any Dressing table and television beside bed. The wall of bed room should be light green, pink and yellow colour. The door of bed room should be towards East and North direction. A picture of green scenery should be stick on Eastern and Western wall. 

answer Apr 12, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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There is no particular compass for bedroom.  One compass will tell you the directions and room placement of your house and that to be you should place in the center place of house.

Then only it will exact result.

answer Sep 21, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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I'm using Vastu compass append wants to know more information on using Check Vastu feature for my layout, where I can drag and drop different portions of the house on grid type layout.

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