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Want know about the floor plan of my flat

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Want to know if there is anything wrong in the position of the entrance of my flat. It's a 3BHK
posted Aug 10, 2016 by Jayanth

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There is no floor plan attached here, please attach again.

1 Answer

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Answer : 

Vastu Shashtra indicates us some following tips. These are main entrance and international parts of flat/home/bungalow and etc. 

a) The main door entrance should be North to North North West, East to East North East, West to West South West and South to South South East. 

b) Pooja room should be North East Direction.

c) Kitchen room should be South East direction.

d) Bathroom should be North North East, South , North North West direction.

e) Drawing room should be East - West Direction.

f) Toilet room should be South South West and East South East direction.

g) Store room should be North West direction.

h) Study room should be South - West direction. 

i) Guest room should be East North East and West North West direction.

The above mentioned parts and direction of your flat is their than there is not any Vastu Dosha. If your flat/home not proper place above given following direction than you should try to remove  the Vastu Dhosh. 

answer Feb 6, 2017 by Sri Bhimanand Mishra
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plz upload on my behalf of Flat No.4 I want to ask whether it is Vastu complaint?

This Question is on behalf of Piyush Jain, member of Vastu Community and sent us a direct email and requested us to upload this plan so community can check and critically review the plan from Vastu point of view.

enter image description here

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