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Septic tank in east

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NW is best for septic tank but if not possible can septic tank place in east of plot

posted Apr 5, 2016 by anonymous

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Can you put the plan of your house? Where exactly in east is the septic tank, where is the entrance of your house. Is it in NE, SE?
How can i put plan i cant find upload link.
Plot is east facing 26 ft front
South other property
North other property
West other property
Entrance cum stiarcase at SE corner.
We are trying septic tank 8 ft from SE corner ie just after staircase and entrance and aproxx 12 ft from NE corner in east or front side middle.
Is it okay? Or any advice
This is fine. Please make sure that your entrance is not on septic tank.

You may also follow some of the basic rules for septic tank mentioned here
Edit the question and in the editor you will see image button (sixth button on editor). Choose you file to upload and once uploaded press OK and you are done.

1 Answer

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You may also refer to the similar question answered earlier:

septic tank is in East corner so is it right side?

Plan from you would obviously help here.

answer Apr 5, 2016 by Anjani
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