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University to offer diploma in vaastu, yoga, ayurveda, astrology

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To promote yoga, ayurveda, astrology and vaastu, a two-year diploma course is being introduced this academic year at the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, a deemed university. The university, which offers certificate courses, decided on introducing the diploma following a high demand for such subjects by students looking for jobs in the sector. The human resource development (HRD) ministry is boosting Sanskrit universities to encourage students in taking up such courses. It in fact increased the funding for the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan from Rs 62.75 crore to Rs 109 crore under the planned head last year. Vice-chancellor of the Delhi-based university, Parameshwara Narayana Shastry said enrolled students will be able to study both the diploma course along with their bachelors or masters. “We will offer dual degree to ensure students are able to study it along with their degree courses. The matter will be placed in our next meeting for clearance”. Citing that job opportunities have increased manifold in such fields, Shastry said, “We are planning to increase more courses through the distance learning mode in various subjects including ayurveda, yoga.” In January, the HRD ministry set up a committee on yoga education in universities. The committee is headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s yoga guru, professor HR Nagendra, chancellor of Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana, Samsthana, Bengaluru. Prof Nagendra is tasked with identifying yoga courses that can be offered and structuring the syllabi for conducting a National Eligibility Test (NET) in Yogic Art and Science. Recently, the ministry also allowed such universities to start unlimited centres across the country. This benefits the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan institute that already has 10 campuses across the country. The university will now be allowed to expand much further. Enrollment at the Sanskrti university has increased in the past few years, from its earlier number of 17,203 students to 18,216 in 2014. The demand for distance education also went up from 664 students to 905 in 2014.

posted Mar 9, 2016 by Mahesh Kumar

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Gujarat University's Sanskrit department will soon launch certificate course in Vastushastra, Karmakandi and Astrology with the aim of churning out experts in ancient sciences. The course will be launched in August, sources said. Kamlesh Choksi, department head, stated that the course will of six month duration and the classes will be conducted on weekend at the varsity.

"Even when every Hindu household requires the service of karmakandi, we do not have many trained people to do the rituals. People with half-baked knowledge perform the rituals. So, we thought of starting a course to train experts with authentic knowledge in the area," said Choksi. Choksi and GU Vice Chancellor M N Patel addressed the media on Tuesday and said that the varsity has joined hands with a trust to provide expertise to train students in karmakand, he stated.

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From where you should keep your money to the position of the seat, everything has an impact.

Money and valuables should be kept in a safe facing north and as per the vaastu principles it is really good to set the accounts department in southeast direction, says an expert.

Mahha Guru Gauravv Mittal, Vaastu Shastra, has shared tips to bring prosperity and positivity in your work space.

* Money and valuables should be kept in a safe facing north.

* In the office, the temple should not be placed at the back of the owner’s seat.

* The owner seat must be facing east or north. West is also permissible but it must not face south.

* There must always be a solid wall behind the office owner’s seat.

* The owner’s desk must always be rectangle.

* The central point of a factory or the office should be empty.

* The place of seat arrangement for managers, executives and directors must be located in south, west and south western zone of the office premises.

* As per the Vaastu principles it is really good to set the accounts department in southeast direction.

* The appropriate place to set the reception is in the north-eastern direction of the office.

*It is recommended to set the marketing department in the direction of northwest.

We don't provide professional Vastu advice. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. See additional information.