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i need help regarding this architecture (still rough made )

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posted Feb 11, 2016 by Tivresh Pandey

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2 Answers

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The non-compliance I noticed
1) Kitchen is best placed in South East
2) Entrance could be moved to the northern side, next to Pooja room ( can still be from East Side)
3) Stair case could be rotated 90 Degrees, to climb up to the southern wall from the central area. If it needs to be split then it be clockwise while climbing up
4) The Toilets on the North West side could be moved to the West ( at the place of existing Kitchen)
5) Bedroom 1 ( could be Children bedroom) is best placed at the NorthWest Side ( replacing the current Toilet area)
6) Its good to have study room towards the Eastern side of that Bedroom 1 ( Study room could be closer to North East)
7) Good to have central Area( Bramha sthaan ) clear without any heavy objects in that area.
8) Toilet seating should be such that the face is towards North , second option is towards East. It should not be towards south.

9) The Puja Room is correctly placed.
10) Master bedroom to the SouthWest is correctly placed and should be occupied by Owner / Eldest couple at house.
11) Ensure that North is exact North. You have not given the angle at which North is. You may check it on the App and create a plan using that App.

answer Feb 12, 2016 by Vastu Paranoid
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In the above sketch, it is noticed that the ground energy and vaasthu energy level is low.

Proper attention to be given to rectify the same. without any modificaction we can do remedy.

Detail study to be made at reasonable charges

further details pl contact:


vaasthu & cosmic energy consultant


mail -

answer Sep 6 by S.rajahgopaal
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plz upload on my behalf of Flat No.4 I want to ask whether it is Vastu complaint?

This Question is on behalf of Piyush Jain, member of Vastu Community and sent us a direct email and requested us to upload this plan so community can check and critically review the plan from Vastu point of view.

enter image description here

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