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7 vastu tips to remember while hanging wall clocks

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Wall clocks are an important item in every household. Off late, with the trending fashion of designer wall clocks, more people are getting interested in hanging them wherever they find it convenient.
1. However, most of us, while hanging a clock don’t really pay much attention to where we are placing them. Our focus of attention remains on the comfort level on how we can easily know the time. But it is very important to keep few vastu tips in mind before hanging your wall clock. Hanging wall clocks keeping vastu tips in mind, results in positive energy floating in the house. Putting the clock in wrong direction would certainly lead to wrong results.

2.  As per vastu, the wall clock should neither be placed on a wall in the south direction of the building nor should it be hanged over a door. Vastu suggests that the clock should be hanged on a wall in the east, west or north direction so that it is convenient to look at them while working and positivity is maintained in the house.

3. As per vastu, if the wall clock is placed far from the bed, it is good as bedroom is the place where maximum time is spent. If one sleeps his head facing south direction, then the wall clock should be placed on the wall in the north direction only.

4. Remember, wall clocks or calendars should always be kept inside the building and remain in working condition. No clock should be in non-working condition. Stopped clocks should be immediately be repaired or removed.

5. No clock should be behind real time, but if possible, they should be one-two minutes ahead of correct time so that there is no possibility of being late.

6. The glass of the clock should be intact and never cracked or broken.

7. The clock should be cleaned time-to-time. 

posted Feb 5, 2016 by anonymous 1 abuse reported

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Vastu Tips for Placing a Wall Clock by Jyotish Acharya Vishnuprasad

As there is a Hindi saying सही दिशा और सही समय का ज्ञान ना हो तो उगता हुआ सुरज भी डुबता नजर आता हे

As times place an very important role in our life as it shows where we stand today.

So the Placement of the Wall clock is very important as per vastu principles

The thing you should remember is if you place wall clock in the right direction you will see positive changes happening in your life and placing them in the wrong place can attract to the worst situation.




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In less than three months from now, students in their final year of school will both go through one of the most challenging tests of their life – the XII and X board examinations. This is the period of extreme anxiety and stress both for the students and their parents. Can Vastu help the students to excel well in this exams. Yes. There are five pre-requisites to great performance in studies – concentration, retention, recall, clarity of mind and good stress. The angular area between West and South West which is termed as “West of South West” is the zone of studies as per Vastu. The North East zone provides clarity of mind, the South West zone provides improved skills and East of South East needs to be balanced to reduce anxiety. The anxiety should be enough to keep the students on their toes and at the same time it should not be such that it results into undue stress. Stand in the center of the house with a compass in hand and locate the aforesaid four directions. With the above in mind following are his vastu suggestions for such students. 

  1. Remove any object which is of Red, pink, purple, orange or Green color from the West of South West zone of the house. If the walls are painted with any of these colors get them repainted to off-white. 
  2. Remove any mop, broom vacuum cleaner, washing machine from West of south west and North East of the house. 
  3. Place your study table in West of South West zone and when studying face the west direction 
  4. Place a pen holder of golden color in South West of the house 
  5. Keep the North East zone free from all types of clutter 
  6. Place a Ganesha figurine made in brass in West of South West. 

All the best for your exams and hope you do good in exams! Please don't forget to study for the exams, Vastu alone can't change the fortune :)

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According to vastu shastra, the most important place of a house is its kitchen. Most diseases in a house originate from its kitchen. A lot depends on the direction you cook food and also the direction in which you sit and eat your food.

Taking care of these few important things as per vastu, can actually end many problems of your life.

  1. Women, who cook food facing south direction, tend to be susceptible to more diseases.
  2. However, cooking in south-west direction brings peace and happiness in a house. Day-to-day arguments are also reduced drastically.
  3. If you cook facing west, you become vulnerable to skin and joint problems.
  4. If you cook facing north, you are at a huge risk for facing financial troubles in life.

  5. To get rid of all these issues, vastu suggests cooking food in the east direction.

  6. Having a window in the kitchen that faces east direction is considered good for the house as per vastu.

    7. If at least one family member makes it a point to feed a cow first before having his/her own food, this will help the entire family in professional and personal matters.

    8. It is important that you don’t have a bathroom right opposite your kitchen. This increases vastu doshas in a house.

    9. Lastly, vastu advises people to never cook a meal before he or she has bathed. It can cause diseases to grow in the house.


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