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These Vaastu tips will make you rich

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Vaastu Shastra techniques and any wrong placement in financial trends can lead to losses. A home constructed according to Vaastu can help you in earning wealth. Your living space should be constructed with Vaastu techniques and supportive direction system. Wealth energies should be supportive at specific direction that can give a boost to you financial situation. So Vaastu have basic and logical rules which has mythical relation in placement of money at some proper direction in order to gain prosperity and bring down the financial losses. Some major Vaastu tips are as follows-

Always try to keep Lord Ganesha on main entrance door of the Vaastu.

Always try to keep purple colour plant in Southeast direction of living room to exert a pull on wealth and opulence.

To keep financial consistency you should always ensure natural sunlight entering in the house.

 If your washroom is placed next to main entrance door, it increases your debts. Because toilets represents toilet water and waste materials. It flushes out your wealth. This location should be avoided.

Toilets with bathroom should never be in Northeast and Southeast as this is very strict defect.

In Southeast direction of living room keep a green leafy plant.

The organization of house can support to increase your financial condition. After inconsequential alterations in house people may get satisfied with the results to their labours.

Northeast and North directions are beneficial for financial prosperity. East is direction of name and celebrity. It is said that north direction of Kuber, the Lord of Wealth. It is also said as direction of finance, any impasse in this direction will bring obstacle in wealth and prosperity flow.
If you are not able to remove that block you can place a aquarium or small fountain in this direction to a good Vaastu remedy.

Always ensure that other direction than north don’t possess any negative energies or impact as per Vaastu principles.

Almirahs, safes, locker in your home should always open towards north or east direction. If not that likely to effect in increased expenses.

Torpid represents financial loss, thus any form of stagnant water should not be present in house. Water is supposed to be a symbol of personal financial health. It works as a source of financial growth and prosperity.

Underground water tanks, bore wells, pools are constructed in North direction or northeast of the plot to increase the financial growth.

Moving water source generates financial growth. Place aquarium with 9 Goldfish and 1 black fish in north direction to increase flow of money.

Colours like yellow, golden, blue, green and even white is proved to be lucky to attract wealth.
No shoes or slipper should be scattered around the entrance of the home, it should always remain clear. This energy rides with wind which lets positive energy to fill your home.

posted Feb 5, 2016 by anonymous

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Everyone wishes that new year becomes lucky for them and they do not have to face the troubles or sad times in life.

For, this it is important to first correct the ‘vaastu dosh’ of your house. If your home is not vaastu-friendly then you may face obstacles at the start of every work or project.

Here we are providing you some Vastu tips which will help you get rid of impoverishment and financial crisis and spend the New Year happily.

1. For Happiness

According to Vaastu, there are two types of energies which surround us, i.e. negative and positive. All the energies come from the main gate of the house which is why it is considered very important to take care of the area.

To ensure the inflow of positive energy, make a swastika sign on the main door. If possible place the one made up of silver.  It will keep your home filled with happiness always.

2. For Wealth

As per Vaastu, God of money Kuber nestles in the north direction. If you take proper care of this direction then you will never face the lack of money. Placing Kuber’s idol in North direction is also considered good.

3. Plants

The plants in your home also bring the positive energy. So, it is necessary to know which the directions in which the different plans should be placed. If possible, keep the plants in the east direction, as it is considered appropriate for them.



4. Wealth and Prosperity

For the wealth and prosperity, the north direction is said to be very significant as per the Vaastu. Never keep torn clothes, garbage and broken electronic appliances in this direction.

Also, don’t keep the listed things in the north direction because it will create tension and financial problems in the house.

5. Water

If there is anything related to water like fountain, tank or tap in the south direction of the home then probably you will spend more than your earnings.

6. Plot

If you are planning to buy a plot for the business purpose then make sure to check the vaastu dosh. The plot facing south-west direction is not suitable for property business.

7. Kitchen

Mangal is called the owner of south direction. If the south direction of your home is affected then it calls for the legal troubles in your life. If your kitchen is situated in the south direction then don’t use any color other than white to paint it.

8. Temple



As per vaastu, the mandir in your house is a way for prosperity. So make sure to not place anything which disturbs it and create troubles for you. Also, never place the photos of your ancestors in the mandir and instead place them anywhere in the south-west direction.

9. Study

If you are doing anything related to study then always sit keeping your back in the direction of the door. It will increase your concentration. Never sit keeping your back in the direction of window.

I have used the content from below link and you can get more information from there

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From where you should keep your money to the position of the seat, everything has an impact.

Money and valuables should be kept in a safe facing north and as per the vaastu principles it is really good to set the accounts department in southeast direction, says an expert.

Mahha Guru Gauravv Mittal, Vaastu Shastra, has shared tips to bring prosperity and positivity in your work space.

* Money and valuables should be kept in a safe facing north.

* In the office, the temple should not be placed at the back of the owner’s seat.

* The owner seat must be facing east or north. West is also permissible but it must not face south.

* There must always be a solid wall behind the office owner’s seat.

* The owner’s desk must always be rectangle.

* The central point of a factory or the office should be empty.

* The place of seat arrangement for managers, executives and directors must be located in south, west and south western zone of the office premises.

* As per the Vaastu principles it is really good to set the accounts department in southeast direction.

* The appropriate place to set the reception is in the north-eastern direction of the office.

*It is recommended to set the marketing department in the direction of northwest.

We don't provide professional Vastu advice. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. See additional information.