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Better Vastu Better Health 10 Vastu Tips for Good Health

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Vastu and Health are interconnected. As we know that Earth has a magnetic field and there are radiations from Earth. Some of these radiations are good for us while some are bad. Thus it is very important to follow Vastu rules for good health and fortune.

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  1. It is always advisable to have Tulsi (Basil) plant for better health as it purifies the air.

  2. Avoid Milking, Bonsai or Thorny plants. It is very inauspicious to keep such plants in your home as it brings negativity, stunted/ slow growth and illness to your home.

  3. The person who prepares the meal should face east while cooking. Doing so increases the taste of the food and provides better health for the family.

  4. Do not place the fridge in North East direction. The ideal place for the refrigerator is in Southeast, west, north or South direction

  5. You should never sleep under any beam as it brings  headache and depression.

  6. Never place your head towards North when you sleep. For Peaceful sleep keep your head towards South or East.

  7. North East zone is very auspicious so never place any toilet as this will disturb the zone and this may lead to cancer or brain-related disorders.

  8. Don’t make bathroom, toilet or storeroom below stairs as this may lead to problems related to heart and nervous system.

  9. The color of the roof should be different from the color of the wall as this leads to irritation and agony.

  10. It is advisable to sleep on the bed made of Wood with no storage. Avoid metal bed as this may lead to heart and brain-related health issues.

posted Jul 11 by Garima Rima

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Studying needs lots of concentration and focus. Thus it is very important to place the study table as per Vastu to achieve positive results. Vastu Dekho tips help you to grasp more and increase retention power of the brain by following below vastu rules:

Study Table, Vastu Tips


  1. Make sure you are facing East or North while studying
  2. Use Rectangular or square table. Best is to use the Rectangular table with 1:2 ratio. It means length of the table should be double to the breadth.
  3. Place some inspirational quotes or poster in front of the study table
  4. Study Table should be neat and clean and make it clutter free


  1. Never place the study table under any beam.
  2. Don’t use glass tables for study. Use wooden tables for best results
  3. Don’t keep the wall in front of the table blank.
  4. Avoid irregular-shaped table
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An aquarium is used especially to enhance money, career and luck. If used properly in the right direction, it brings wealth and abundance in the home.
Now the question comes where it should be placed to get the best of the results?

Fish Aquarium, Vastu Aquarium, Vastu Tips

Well, the aquarium should be placed in a place which is in front of the house to attract more wealth and abundance. The second best position is to place an aquarium in North direction or East. This will bring luck and health to your home. Aquarium in South East area attracts wealth and money.

So far numbers are concerned, try to keep 9 fishes in the aquarium. Out of these 9 fishes, 8 should be Arrowana commonly known as dragon fish. Or, you can also place 8 Goldfishes. Plus 1 fish should be blackfish. Blackfish absorb all the negative energy and destroys it before it enters your home.


  1. Fishes should be healthy and attractive. Keep the aquarium well aerated and do regular cleaning as well.
  2. Keep aquarium well lighted and place some beautiful attractive stones.
  3. An aquarium eliminates all the negativity from your home and attracts positivity.
  4. Feed them properly at regular intervals as feeding hungry fishes also add to our good Karma.


  1. Never place an aquarium in the bedroom. This may lead to sleeping disorders.
  2. Similarly, avoid placing it in the kitchen as this may lead to health-related issues.
  3. Never place an aquarium in the center of your house.





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Vastu plays a major role in the placement of the master bedroom. Here are some basic rules that you must follow to get peace and prosperity. See how these small alterations in your bedroom bring positive energy and bring harmony in couples.

  • Since South West element represents Earth which indicates heaviness, so Master Bedroom should always be located in South West.
  • Avoid Children’s room/ Servant room or guest room in South West direction.
  • Most importantly, you should never keep your head towards North while sleeping. The best direction to sleep is with head towards South, East or West.
  • Avoid keeping bed in front of the bedroom door and try to keep single mattress for the double bed.
  • The colour selection of the bedroom should be as per the family of earthen colors like brown or shades of almond. Avoid dark colors for bedroom and keep your bedroom clutter free and neat & clean.
  • If you want good health then there should not be any beam crossing over the head. If exists then proper modification or remedy is suggested on an immediate basis otherwise, your health will be affected.
  • For sound sleep, avoid any electronic gadgets near the bed to negate the bad effects of electromagnetic waves.
  • Do not place any temple/ Puja or worship place in your bedroom
  • Try to build the bed in rectangular shape. Avoid any irregular shape. Avoid any mirror in front of the bed.
  • Avoid any broken items or item which is no longer in use in bedroom.
  • Good Aroma reflects good mood Use refreshing jasmine or lavender fragrances in bedroom to uplift your mood and spirit. 
We don't provide professional Vastu advice. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. See additional information.

We don't provide professional Vastu advice. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. See additional information.